For Those Who Touched My Life…

I’m never writing anything concrete, I just philosophise about certain problems in life never giving any stable meaning to them.They may be mine or someone elses but I never say exactly what happend.This post is just for a few people that I care about and those I wish to tell a few things but I’d rather say it this way…

Lilah – You’ve been there for quite some time.I don’t know where that somewhere is but I know it’s inside of me.You were a really big part of my life…someone I don’t think I can ever replace in that particular way.We used to dream about our stars that never seemed to fade away,yet they still did.Things happend,people changed(maybe not for the best) and we were torn apart.I just want you to know that you’ll always have that special place in me.I’m glad that you were a part of my life and that you made it brighter that summer of 2007 that seemed endless.Goodbye.

Laura – People meet in wierd ways don’t they? Well maybe meet is kind of streched out here because we’ve never actually met, still I’ve grown to see a good friend in you.You have that certain something of childish behaviour and unexpected maturity that few people can balance just right.I’m glad that you’re part of my life even if I don’t know how long it’ll last but I hope as long as possible.You’re that spot of colour that always knows what to say.(By the way,it’s gonna be allright 🙂 )Goodbye.

Teo –  Sometimes I think you have more energy than a five year-old and that’s hard to beat.You never seem tired not even when you say that you’re on the verge of passing out.Talking to you is always fun even though most of the time there’s nothing remotely serious in the conversation.Maybe that’s what so good about it.People have to forget about everyday worries and just relax.Talking about random, unesential stuff is just great and it helps forget about all the crappy things in my life.I’m glad we’re friends and I hope we’ll have a lot of fun together.Goodbye.

Deea – So we’ve know eachother for over four and a half years and you’ve become a huge part of my life.One of the most important parts actually.My life would have been significantly different if we’d have never met on that faithful day of May. You’re my sister,you’re my friend,you’re so much more to me than most people.I want you to know that I love you very, very much and that I’m someone you can always count on,in good and in bad times.I’m your big brother even though it’s just something we settled.I may be a little overprotective at times but that’s only because I care.And you know I’m never serious with those things. Sometimes I said some bad things and I hurt you even though you were only trying to help and I’m sorry for those times.I love you sister and I hope we’ll always stay friends.Goodbye.

Lavi – I can’t belive I still remember when we met for the first time.I mean when we talked,cause it was long before we actually met.It was during a beerfest here in Lugoj and we met on that stupid chatting program Mirc.You were LPGirl,liking linking park.That was about 3 and a half years ago.It’s been so long and you’ve grown so beautiful.You’ve grown a lot but you still have a long way to go.I’m still very proud of you and I want you to know that however far I may seem I’m always close to you if you need absolutely anything. You’re a wonderful person and I’m sure you’ll always be happy.Goodbye.

Ade – That is your name right?I’m just kidding. I don’t think I’ve EVER met someone as…larger than life as you.And no I don’t mean it in the ironic way you’re thinking of.I mean that you’ve just turned my world upside down over and over again that I just don’t know if I’m on the ceiling or on the ground anymore. You’re loud,annoying,crazy,you’re a foul-mouth,yet you still manage to keep me interested.We have totally different views on any subject,yet arguing was never more fun.You never listen to my advice although you insist that I tell you what to do.You just drive me nuts,but you’re one of my best friends and I really have no idea how my life would be without you.Probably with less heart attacks and less fun.So I go for heart attacks. I think there’s not even one conversation I’ve had with you(even those where we actually fought) when I haven’t laughed or grinned.Sometimes you leave me without words(and it’s not always in a good way).Still I’m glad I know you for over seven months and that we’re friends even though in the begining none of us thought we’d make it over two weeks.It just goes to show you that plans never work out.(Oh and remember that you’ll miss your wedding because of me 🙂 ).Goodbye.

Diana – I don’t even know where to begin…It’s like you just appeared out of nowhere when I needed it most. You just showed up and you never left to my content.I can’t even begin to describe what I feel. You’ve blown my mind and amazed me every single day.What’s so special about you?Well I don’t know what everyone else thinks but to me you’re just incredible.I don’t think there’s even one person in this world that I can relate to more than you.You’re a loving and caring soul,you’re pure and beautiful,you’re funny and inteligent,you understand everything I’m going through as if it were you and I think I feel the same.You’re not interesting…you’re fascinating.I’d just like to spend as much time as possible with you.You colour my world and you put a smile on my face everytime.I just don’t know what to say.Things feel so simple and natural around you.Maybe I’m crazy,maybe I’m stupid but that’s just how I feel and I’m not going to lie about this. I wish that you’d always be a part of my life…but if this should ever end I want you to know that I am happy that in this life I had someone like you there.You really made a huge difference although it may not seem like that.I wish things could stay simple but somehow they always tend to get complicated…What can I say, there are some things that just happen…I’m sorry…Diana-chan…Goodbye…

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