You know, I can’t write about much.I can’t write a good story because I always forget where I’m going with this. I can’t write a good article because I don’t stay focused on the subject at hand and I tend to use more than just the facts. I can’t write a good piece of news because it’s usually too late when I publish it. I can’t write poetry because none of my poems mean anything deeper than their shallow words. I can’t write songs because I think there is more to a piece of music than notes and lyrics. I’m probably not able to write any of the above due to the fact that I’m pretty perfectionist about my work and if I’m not satisfied with it then I won’t publish it.

It is true that I want to write, because it’s one of the most dearest things to me.It brings me closer and gives me a glimpse of how the great writers in history must have felt about their work.Dumas,Poe,Doyle,Hugo and so many others must have grown wings through their pieces.Of course I can’t match up to their level of conciousness,but I can however,try to come as close as possible to it.To do that I must write what gives me satisfaction,what I feel is right and what I know that I’m good at.Thus I will write about people. YES! I will write about people who are worth mentioning. I will write about the ones that are still unknown to most of you and that deserve your recognition. I will write about the true, the wise, the beautiful, the modest but I will not leave out the overconfident, the narcisistic and the overly sarcastic ones.I never said I was going to praise each and every one of them.No…I will expose them for what they are and I will show the world that it is possible to see the truth if one looks carefully.For this is all I can do for myself… but most importantly, this is all I can do for you…the people.

Be Safe, Yours Truly,


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