Life teaches us lessons every single day.From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep we keep on learning even though we may not realize it strait away.It all comes down to oppening ones eyes.Are you willing to see the lessons that are around you? I was thinking right now how precious every breath I take is…and that I have to be greatful for every single one.What comes after doens’t matter right now.Because you cannot know what awaits you.So you just have to keep going on whatever hardships you confront. Know this my friend…you are not alone…because whatever you have to face…and whoever stands in the way of your happiness…someone will also be there at your side and help you get passed it.This may sound wierd but it has to be said.It has to represent a comfort for you, the one that seems hopeless.Know that hope doesn’t die last in a human heart…it never dies.For it is in our nature to fight for our survival and our happyness.It is the most basic of human emotions and you can’t just give it up jut because of some hardships that come along the way.Cling to every breath.Hold on to every hand that’s held out to you.Don’t let go of something that was given to you.Don’t end something that still has a long way to go.Belive in the good of man.Trust,hope,endure,love and live!Life is exactly the way you make it. It is only influenced by your feelings and your wishes.Close your eyes and imagine life as a birthday cake.Now make a wish and blow out the candles. You know the wish won’t be granted imediatly…but if you belive in it and feel it every day…then eventually it will be granted and you may not even realize that.That’s the only secret to life there is.It’s in your hand and it’s there for you to use.Think about everything you would leave behind if you’re parting with this world.Think of the people that cherish and love you and how they would lose a part of themselves when you’re gone.Think of all the happy memories you’ve made on this planet called Earth.Think of a snowy Christmas Eve and how that made you feel as a child. Think of new year’s eve as a new begining to turn your life around for the better.Precious moments,happy people,happy faces…Think about Christmas joys and all your worries and doubts should vanish in the snowy sky.

If you’re still out there…I wish you a happy life…for it is something every single human deserves.And if you’ve decided to leave…then have a safe trip to a better place…and know that…there will always be a place for you in this soul.

This is the balad to you…don’t turn it into a requiem.

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