A Change Is Gonna Come…

Sometimes this feels right. This feels like it’s the only thing that people should do. That I should do. I was having this really interesting conversation with an old friend today about destiny and whether or not the decisions you make in life are worth anything or is everything laid out for you and everything is predetermined. The only conclusion I drew from this talk was that no matter the evidence, people will believe what they feel is right. And in the end that is what real values represent. I’m not saying that believing something proven wrong is OK, but if there is no way to demonstrate whether this certain theory is true or not then it may be better to go with your feelings. And everybody should just fucking accept that. Don’t push your ideas on others, just learn to love them as they are and respect their choices. Things aren’t always black and white. I believe there’s always a gray area of interpretation in these matters. And the world should just view this with arms wide open and respect everyone in the same way. We are all in the same pot if you think about it. We’re all humans and we’re all gonna pass away eventually. So why live in hate and ignorance of each other when we only have so much to lose. People are stubborn. Maybe to stubborn for their own good. Maybe they will catch on to the right way just a little bit to late. And apparently they think it’s worth risking the entire species of man just for the stubbornness of a few that planted these ideas in men’s heads.

Love is also stubborn sometimes. Whether it’s about love for ones God,ones life partner or ones child. Sometimes it’s hard to fucking let go of things. Because we implanted this absurd idea that we can’t go on without this significant other. And then we work for years and years just to let go. Just to feel free for that fragment of a moment before some other kind of love sucks us in and rapes our mind and soul. I’m not saying love is a bad thing, but when we forget about the pureness of this feeling and we turn it into obsession. No matter who you love, even if it seems impossible, you can move on. You can live long and be happy. Just don’t  let yourself get sucked in by loneliness and think that you can’t go on without someone at your side. And if you decide to spend a period of your life with someone then do it just for the simple reasons. That smile that only she can set on your face. You know the one I’m talking about. That really really pure smile that comes out of joy from the soul. Do it for that moment when you open your eyes and you see that person lying right next to you and you feel like you’re the fucking king of all existence. Just because you won her.

Whatever path in life you should take, the most important thing is to remember to feel. Remember to be pure and never let your mind talk you out of doing what you feel like. Go ahead, make your move, if this is what you found deep inside your being then just do it. The whole universe dares you to move. Let yourself get dragged through existence by this unimaginable experience. Enjoy pain, desire love, just feel alive. You can be better. Start forgiving yourself and the people around you for mistakes that never really hurt someone at all. Don’t do it for divinity or for the promise of a better future. Do it because it feels right. Do it because nothing compares to the satisfaction that fills you up and floats you high, like a hot air balloon. Sometimes I ask myself, was there anything that I could have said or done? But it’s important to remember that we live here and now. It’s important to know that the past is gone. That time is no more and it does not matter anymore. Just do it for this moment! Don’t leave the stage in the middle of a song.

But to get to the point of this here tale. I truly believe a great change is upon us. I think humanity is at a point where we need a missing link to progress as a species. I believe we lost this great thing quite some time ago and we have forgotten how to get it back. Well now it depends on what you compare this symbol to. First of all some think there will come a time of chaos and destruction because of the greed of people. Wealth is their symbol. It is the simple minded approach to the earthly issue. It’s common because money is real, it is palpable and, in the end, it’s what people apparently desire the most. The second type of people are those who believe the divine end is nearing. Irrelevant of religion, they all have this day of reckoning. This end of all things. These people believe in a higher power but they each chose to model it to their wishes and desires. They always find loopholes but they still believe their soul is saved. If you say you believe in this spiritual father then at least be honest and follow his word. If not you’re wasting everyone’s time. And by everyone I mean you as well. Lastly there are the group of people that believe that humanity is on the brink of a new era. They believe that only those pure of heart will ascend to the next state of existence. It is thought that this form we are in is just the beginning of the road for enlightenment. Those who see their body as just a container for our universal projection. We have always felt a connection to a greater power but we never really got around describing it. I think we are complicating things to much and we expect things to just work one way or the other. When all we should do is spread kindness and hope to all fellow humans. We should teach each other what love and compassion is. So that, even if this is the end and maybe we are just simple organisms in the infinity of the universe, we get to to do ourselves the favor of living for everyone and not only for yourself.

So here comes goodbye. I hope you have had a confusing and intriguing journey with some of my more or less real thoughts. The thing is that no matter how shitty things get, doing something good for someone else will always make you feel uplifted. So spread love and always give back to your fellow man.

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