Will I be able to walk beside you 10 years from now? Will I be able to hold your hand and say I love you the same way I do it now? Will you still mean as much to me as you mean now? Will you change your stupid ambitions and rise to your true potential? Who knows? Are you the face in the misty light? Do I need glasses to see what you really are? Or have I always known you and how this would end up? This summer night will never be forgotten. Even if you probably won’t recall it. I know I saw you,although the coldness in your heart was hard for me to swallow. Or do you love the wild nature that flourishes in my heart? Do you love the fact that I can take you out of this concrete world and set your soul free? But you’d never tell me would you? Listen tot he chorus sing and follow your heart. I don’t care if it’s a cliche or not. The flow is calling you. The music is all around your heart. Let yourself go. Stop thinking and start feeling. Listen to the guy playing the piano as if it was it’s only love. Now hear the flute as it slowly starts to add to the notes of the piano. Easy enough the violins and drums join in to make a wonderful sound that grows and enhances natures powers. Listen to the beat and let it guide your heart to it’s true value. The infinite green is right there in front of you. The promises I made will forever be kept. I may have not always been the man I should have, but when the time came you know I was always by your side. I was always there when you needed me. I had patience, I had strength I had love, all of them for you. Maybe this is in vain, but hopefully you understand that you’re the only one who matters. It’s time for my adventure. It’s time for the real processes of manhood. It’s time to face the fears that you could only push back and hide. You know I carry the love of ancient times withing me. You know you carry it as well. You know there can be only one outcome. Rather more,that is the true outcome. The one you feel,as well as I do, that is right. It must prevail! For happiness. You may not believe in such a thing,but it is the one thing that binds us. The happiness of a laugh, of a hug,of an amazing song.There may not be anymore wizards in this world but I’m sure there is still magic left in all of us. The love we feel for our soul mates,for the ones who gave us life, for the experience we share in life is magical. As long as love exists there will still be magic out there. And if you don’t believe this, you will never see magic with your own eyes again. You’re senses will dull and everything will turn into a never ending routine of on and off. It will be so unsatisfying that you will search for magic again,but who knows how sunken in darkness you already are. Free your mind and spirit. Roam this earth accepting love and passion.

This is my honest truth. Listen to it and respect it!

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