The hardest part is letting to. I have to tell you, I met someone. She’s amazing. It was totally unexpected. I just saw her,she sat next to me and I just wanted to be stuck in that conversation. I wanted to be there with her, through good times and bad, through sadness and happiness. I wanted to show her how beautiful life is. How her smile could brighten up the day of any stranger, no matter how bad of a day he had. I want her to understand that living is done for ones self and the ones that are near you,love,respect and appreciate you. Not for everyone’s opinion. I walk on my on without being able to tell the difference between what I want and what you want. I have done majestic things with my beliefs. I have chosen so many wrongs up until now,yet now I feel I have chosen right.Do you want it dear? I know you’re so far away. Nonetheless I feel you right inside me. I know there can be only us. You deny,you repress, you forget. But you always remember don’t you love? Because I always make you smile. I always have you here my one and only black and blond haired girl. I am unspoken. I am infinite. I can’t tell my thoughts, yet you have your way with life, so that I just can’t resist. I may be weak,but isn’t that what you want? It’s what every girl wants. Sadly to few realize it and even fewer actually understand and do it.

You may say you love him,you may sustain that we are not meant. But I know what you feel. And the fact that you’d risk it,but you’re just too scared of change. You as well other one. Listen to me women. Love is nothing more than true and perfect happiness. If I can’t make you happy then you wouldn’t be mine. Nothingman, it is I,the one who always loses but wins a little every time. Eu sunt cel ce si-a pus steagul in strada sufletului tau si acum e momentul sa plec:. Sau ma vei retine acolo?

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