It’s Still You I Want…

Listen to an angel sing.Picture it under a beautifully lit gate, surrounded by rose bushes. There’s no harp, there’s no musical instrument at all. Though you hear a piano from somewhere. And the angel’s singing so passionate, with eyes closed, with no connection to anything on one side or the other of the gate. It’s caught in its own mesmerizing song. This is auto trance induction at its best. Nonetheless this years love is going to come. And open up the angel’s heart.Making it lose all control. The angel will stop talking about how sweet life is and will know that it also takes a lot of pain to actually meet that one other. The girl that seems always so far away. The one in whom’s eyes you look and you feel like you’re staring into nothingness. Her look is so far away. And yet you want to bring her here. You want her to realize that you are the one she should be thinking of. It’s still you I want. That year’s love lasted.

Published in: on January 4, 2011 at 5:50 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. Where do you meet such a girl? Where did you?

    • Wherever you like.Place is unimportant.The heart is the only master you should listen to.

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