Little Dreams…

I have these little dreams sometimes.I guess they are wishes that take forms of fantasies or dreams. Two nights ago I dreamed I was a hero who saved a dozen of people from a natural disaster.It’s probably a reflection of my inner desire to achieve something important in my life.Something that really matters.Something that will inspire numerous people. That is one of my ambitions and for now I can only dream about it.Be careful what you wish for cause you might get it all. Well who knows if it’s the right thing to wish for,but right now that’s what I believe.I’ve seen a lot of sadness around me lately. I have seen through the eyes of an adult.I have seen the everlasting corridor that is hopelessness.No wonder they can’t overcome their limits.

Yesterday I dreamed of an incredibly beautiful girl.She was amazing and she was called Madeline.She flew through my dreams like a muse.She had brown hair with blond locks.Madeline made me crazy,she obsessed me.We had sex in my dream.Or did we make love?I don’t know.We did it 5 times anyway.It was strange,but yet it grew better each time. I wish Madeline was real.She was superb.I’m going home…to the place where I belong…where your love has always been enough for me.Les Miserables.

Today I dreamed with my eyes open.I dreamed of a movie,of a movie about all their lives.More like a whole season of shows because a movie wouldn’t be enough to cover everything up.Although I could direct one for each of them. We shall see.My point is that I would like to write some movie scripts and direct them. Dramas and romantic comedies would mainly be the subject I would cover,but I think the biggest success would be a sequel to the best comedy ever, Eurotrip.These places and these spaces are getting old.

I miss my feelings.They’ve been scattered all over the world and I cannot find them.My strength is depleted and I lay on the ground powerless.What must I do in order to regain my former self?I would give it my all,but I have no light to search for.No purpose,no future vision.Although my purpose is happiness as it is for all humans,I feel the need to do something more right now.And as I said,I first need to regain my strength.Onegai…

These are my little dreams.I wonder what awaits me tonight.Hope to see you Madeline.Summer Love eh?

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