My ABC’s…

– Available: It Depends.

– Age: 19

– Annoyance: Boredom,Jugdemental People

– Allergic: Nothing

– Animal: Lol-Cat

– Actor: Will Smith FTW!!! Best Actor Ever!!!

– Beer: Carlsberg, probably the best beer in the world.

– Birthday/Birthplace: July 5th 1989/Lugoj,Romania

– Best Friends: Mishi, Deea, Laura

– Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes,lips and yes boobies :)).I’m still a man.

– Best feeling in the world: Extasy writing.It’s fucking awsome to know that you wrote something out of pure extasy and the next morning you forgot everything.

– Blind or Deaf: None of the above.If I have to choose then Deaf but I prefer being healthy don’t you?

– Best weather: End of May,beginning of June weather.When it’s hot enough to bathe but you can still find a gentle breeze somewhere and you can just lay on your back on the grass and feel it gently stroke your face.

– Been in Love: Yup,great feeling.

– Been bitched out?: Never without striking back :))

– Been on stage?: Yes and it’s one of the most awesome feelings ever. Breathtaking.

– Believe in yourself?: 90% yes!!

– Believe in life on other planets: It’s hard not to believe when you have such a wild imagination as I do.

– Believe in miracles: I definitely believe in them.Witnessed a few myself actually.

– Believe in Magic: I believe in many aspects of magic.It depends what you consider magic.I generally believe.

– Believe in God: I have to say I do.Maybe not in the way that most people do but I do believe that some aspects surrounding God are true.

– Believe in Satan: I’m not sure if Satan exists or not but there is certainly a lot of evil out there.

– Believe in Santa: Santa RULZ!

– Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Yup.I believe a lot of things don’t I?:))

– Believe in Evolution: Not every kind of evolution,but I believe in the evolution of a man’s personality.

– Car: Ford Fiesta.

– Candy: Not a big fan.

– Color: Violet

– Cried in school: When I was little, yes.

– Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate always and forever :))

– Chinese/Mexican: Italian :))

– Cake or pie: Cake

– Countries to visit: Japan, England, Cuba, Holland

– Day or Night: Night Baby!!!I’m a nocturnal being.

– Dream vehicle: Well in the present Ford Mustang but in the future of course I’d love a Flying Car that doesn’t pollute. Or maybe a Pegasus =)).

– Danced: All kind of dances.Waltz and polka are the ones I prefer besides free dance.

– Dance in the rain?: I don’t remember exactly but it’s on my to do list just in case.

– Dance in the middle of the street?: Of course.I’ve danced through my whole home town.

– Do the splits?: When I was doing karate yes.

– Eggs: Scrambled like my mom makes ’em.BRILLIANT!!!NOM NOM.

– Eyes: Mine are brown and i like light blue eyes :D.

– Everyone has: A soul,no matter how dark it is.

– Ever failed a class?: Not really.Only some exams.

– First crush: A girl from my class in 5th grade.There was kindergarten but it didn’t work out =)).

– Full name: Popescu Alexandru – Cornel

– First thoughts waking up: God damn this fucking alarm.I hate school.What a wicked dream!!!It’s gonna be a great day!

– Food: The hearts of little children…=))neah I’m just kiddin’.No fave food I guess.There are more

– Greatest Fear: To be alone.

– Giver or taker: Giver most of the time.

– Goals: To make something of myself so that I will be able to change some of the things that are ruining life.To write a novel and publish it.

– Gum: Orbit proffesional white.

– Get along with your parents?: Pretty much yes.Love my mom,dad’s okay too.

– Good luck charms: Coins I find interesting.

– Hair Colour: Brown.

– Height: 187 cm

– Happy: YOOOOOSH!!!Dattebayoooo.

– Holidays: Going to visit lots of places this summer and I hope to see some of my friends from other towns as well.I also hope I get to visit some countries that or my list,really soon.

– How do you want to die: In my sleep.

– Health freak?: Health?What’s that?It’s not in my vocabulary.I’m perfectly healthy whatever I do.The worst thing that can happen to me is a cold.

– Hate: People who think they’re better than the rest and critisize everyone and everything just for the fun of it.

(In guys/girls)
– Eye colour: Lightblue takes my breath away

– Hair Color: Don’t really care.I like all kinds.Had a fetish with blonds but that was some time ago.

– Height: Shorter than me.

– Clothing Style: No preferences as long as they don’t have “Coco chanel” or “D&G” or “Emporio Armani” on their clothes.

– Characteristics: Funny,with a certain degree of inteligence(by which I mean not stupid).

– Ice Cream: Chocolate and vanilla

– Instrument: Guitar,Drumbs and River Harp

– Jewelry: 2 Iron Rings and a golden chain.

– Job: Full time student and babysitter for friends =)).

– Kids: I like most of them.

– Kickboxing or karate: Karateh FTW!!!Practiced it about 2 years.

– Keep a journal?: Just this blog.

– Longest Car Ride: over 12 hours.

– Love: Too many things to enumarate them all.

– Letter: P

– Laughed so hard you cried: Many times.Last time with my roomies.

– Love at first sight: Happend once.

– Milk flavour: Milky:)) and chocolate too.

– Movie: The Shawshank Redemption,What Dreams May Come,Seven Pounds,The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Serendipity,Eurotrip

– Mooned anyone?: Yeah,and I’m damn proud of it “B in your face=))”

– Marriage: Far away.Needs prenup:))

– Motion sickness?: Don’t have it.

– McD’s or BK: None of them anymore.But McD sometimes

– Number of Siblings: Zero,Nothing,Nada,Niente,Nicht,Nimic.

– Number of Piercings: None.

– Number: 5

– Overused Phrases: “Gay”,”Bag pula”,”Nasol”.

– One wish: MONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY=)).No not really.Peace and quiet when I ask for it.

– One phobia: Some heights.

– Place you’d like to live: Tokyo

– Pepsi/Coke: Coke for evaaaaaaa.

– Quail: Dunno,maybe? :-??

– Questionnaires: Sometims

– Reason to cry: Just if you feel the world is getting the best of you over and over again.

– Reality T.V.: Not really.

– Radio Station: Radio Guerrila

– Roll your tongue in a circle?: You betcha B-).

– Song: Edwin Mccain – I’ll Be

– Shoe size: 45-46

– Sushi: On my list of things to try.

– Skipped school: Who didn’t?:))Love skipping

– Slept outside: Course I have.On a lovely summer night under a great stary sky.It was fabulous.

– Seen a dead body?: Yes.It’s really sad.

– Smoked?: Yup.Don’t like it very much.

– Skinny dipped?: Yup.Fun filled feeling:)).Thank god my clothes where still there:))

– Shower daily?: Not really.Every second day about.

– Sing well?: Pretty well.

– In the shower?: I sing in the shower too:))And have fun:)).

– Swear?: Like fuck:))Swearing is awsome.

– Stuffed Animals?: Got some of them too.

– Single/Group dates: Both.Group dates rule.

– Strawberries/Blueberries: None of the above:)).

– Scientists need to invent: Teleporter,time machine that doens’t change the time space flow,hovercraft.

– Time for bed: Depends on the day.When i’m free the next day,very late.In other days about 12-1 in the night.

– Thunderstorms: Great time to sleep:)).

– Touch your tongue to your nose?: I do it with style too.

– Unpredictable: 75% of the time.

– Under the influence?: Not now,but often enough:)).

– Understanding?: If I’m not understanding then I don’t know who is:)).I’m also modest=)).

– Vegetable you hate: Spinach

– Vegetable you love: Carrot!!!

– Vacation spot: Mallorca – Spain

– Weakness: I don’t admit my weakneses

– When you grow up: I will change the world.

– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: I’m not sure.Laura I think.

– Who makes you laugh the most: MISHI of course!!!

– Worst feeling: Backstabbed and rejection.

– Wanted to be a model?: Never

– Where do we go when we die: Well how about Happy land?Imagination land :)).

– Worst weather: I don’t mind any type of weather as long as I don’t have to go out ehn i don’t wanna.

– Walk with a book on your head?: B-) Did that too.

– X-Rays: Partial x-rays.

-Year it is now: 2009

-Yellow: Happy times 😀

– Zoo animal: Rezervation animals for me.Cheetah

– Zodiac sign: Cancer

1. Slept in a bed beside you?: Some of my former classmates I think:))Not sure though.
2. Last person to see you cry?: Mom,but that was long ago.
3. Went to the movies with you?: Former classmates and some friends.
4. You went to the mall with?: Former classmates:))
5. You went to dinner with?: Former classmates?:))This is getting ridiculous.
6. You talked to on the phone?: Mom.
7. Made you laugh?: Mishi.
Wow asta chiar a fost o leapsa lunga.Hope you enjoy it.I worked a lot on it:)).Leapsa merge mai departe la Alice,Deste,Cred ca eu sunt sys,Irina,Ella-chan,Ella.Si ceilalti de la blogroll.

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  1. interesant si eu am vorbit cu mama ultima oara =))
    multumesc pentru leapsa..a fost interactiv 🙂

  2. cu placere :)stiu ca a fost cam lunga da na:)

  3. am citit comment-urile si da, mi-a luat destul de mult pot sa spun..vorba ta am facut si pauze ici si colo, dar a fost interesant..multumesc din nou si good luck in toate cele, esti o persoana tare draguta 😛
    salutari din ora de Tic 😀

  4. Ora si data si sunt acolo.

  5. Stabileste tu, eu doar vin.

  6. Cam am treba pana in opt, dar poate prindem cursa de la noua?

  7. a da, nu am fost atenta. Cum e vremea acolo? Sa imi iau o jacheta pe mine?

  8. bine, pai cam atat banuiesc ca imi trebuie. ne vedem acolo.

  9. saru’mana de leapsa;))

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  11. Deci te rog eu, mult de tot, asa..din partea familiei.

    Cya later. 🙂

  12. Nu de alta, dar se pare ca ajung la mine inevitabil.

  13. Si unde esti? vroiam sa iti zic ceva. Am uitat. Trist.

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