This’ll be just a short post just for the sake of writing something.I feel that the inspiration is gathering but I need to write something out of…instinct.So I’m not sure you should mind this one.Actually I suggest you not mind my entire blog but nonetheless.

I miss you.I miss those long nights that we used to talk without stopping.I miss sharing the things we shared and just dreaming about those stars.Remember the stars? I used to talk to them and they’d tell you what I thought.Good times.But every beautiful rose fades away…and this one has faded too.No matter how much we try to revive it…winter kills it without mercy.It’s sad but true.Just know that our memories are encarved in the stars and if you want to remember the slightest things about us…just look up into the night sky and they’ll tell you our story little one.I have no idea why these thought come up right now…Maybe the stars are telling me something again…maybe i’m reminiscing those times.Who knows.Winter is comming…I can hardly wait for the falling snow.Winter smell…

My present is clouded in mistery and unknown.What should I do?There’s this path that seems so clear in front of my eyes…but I’m afraid to take it because of temptation.She’s lurking around the corner and I don’t know when she’ll pounce.But if I don’t take this oportunity I’ll regret it.I think I’ll leave it to chance.Flip a coin.Just think about it…how randome life is…a cointoss can affect anything.I say tails…what will the outcome be?Whatever the outcome…I’m staring in the sun.Chan…

(Apropo laura vezi ca maine la 7 te astept in gara :)) Free food and a place to stay await you :> )

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  1. nu stiu daca te-am intrebat….dar tu nu te-ai gandit vreodata sa scrii o carte….vad ca inspiratia ta e la locul ei :P. Bafta si tine-o tot asa …. astept posturi noi..

  2. dragut din partea ta dar nu am stofa de doar scriu de dragul de a scrie as avea ce sa scriu pe post de trai si om vedea.poate intr-o zi cu soare 🙂

  3. Unde esti? e 7.59.

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