Vorbe Fara Sens…

Okay so I have a lot on my mind and I really want to express it all.I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it just the way I want to but I’ll try.

First of all I want to write a little appreciation paragraph for a special little friend of mine. She’s something quite rare nowadays isn’t she?A little edelweiss that just happend to sprout a little in my garden.Because of it’s rarity you can hardly find out things about it,but the little that you know can always take you by surprise and bring a smile on your face.Maybe you know her better than you expected but then again that could be just your imagination.She’s still a bud but she shows many signs of maturity and I’m sure she’ll turn into a beautiful flower one day.More than that actually…A remarcable flower,one rare among it’s already rare kind. I could be prawling around and writing to much but I prefer to keep it at this now and just thank the edelweiss for the petal in my garden.

Next is the person whom’s life I promissed to ruin,with her consent of course.I mean where do you find such people?Sure some like a little more adventure but come on.This project is huge.Ruining someone’s life can take time and effort I may not be willing to give.Then again this is so much fun I can’t imagine what I’d do right now without these action-filled moments.And the real fun has yet to begin…My friend prepare for the ride has just started turning.Your life will be full of twists and turns that you can’t even imagine although you already are a living plot-twist.Nonetheless you’re still as beautiful as a chrysanthemum and as witty as a…well i don’t think flowers are witty.Nevertheless my breath of fresh air,till we meet again,which will inevitably happen soon,Au Revoir.

So much more to write,so little power.Oh blast this limited world,where time is of the essence.Stupid stupid time that is never enough or it takes too long for something to happen.Being in the right place, at the right time is quite hard you know?And you try and you struggle but then you’re still at that standstill,being just a second too late.Oh blast you evil time that prevents us from reaching our goals so many times.Damn you for never being precise in your actions.You never say if now’s the moment to act.You confuse us in thinking that it’s the right thing to do and then you blow us off.But I’m sick of living by your rules.I shall defy them and prove to you that it is not you who decide when something must be done,but each person in particular. And if we’re on the subject of time,and being in the right place, at the right time, have you ever felt that you’re there?What did you feel then?For me it’s like being able to close my eyes and still see everything,maybe even clearer.You’re integrated in that scenary and you’re one with nature for at least a little bit.

Change is something debatable right?What’s your opinion on change?Is it good or bad?Do you prefer to stay in your close and comfortable zone or do you want to take a risk and find out what it would be like to change something in your life?Of course change is a double-egded sword but wielding it means mastery of life itself.Some things are so beautiful…it’s just hard to let go but a man has to move on with his life and maybe those things are in the way…so he decides to change himself and take a risk.Maybe he’ll fail and have nothing to go back to,but he’ll be content with the fact that he tried.It’s time for my change now.It’s time for my way of the ninja to unfold and my promises to be kept.It’s time to realize the potential I have and stop making the mistakes I’ve kept making until now. I know there’s something waiting out there for me and so I have to grab life by the horns and wrestle it to the ground.So determination,guide me and show the non-belivers that their irony won’t reach me,that I will not be stopped and that I’ll prove to everyone what I’m really capable of.

My end is not that of any other man(and with this I will conclude because I’m too tired to go on). I’m an excesive romantic that just finds crazy ways to make things work.I need nothing more than a simple girl that I can sweet off her feet.I ran away from home once for this girl,having no insurence whatsoever that I was going to be accepted.I hopped on the train and just went to another city where I did whatever crazy thing came up in my head to find her.Sure I got turned down but that doesn’t mean I’ll change.Maybe there’s something wrong with me but that’s just the way I am and I’ll do whatever I can to just turn her world upside down.If it’ll never work then it means this was just not meant for me and my life was one big try.One thing I know…I’ll die with a smile whatever the situation may be.

Now that I’ve rambled so much sensless and stupid stuff that you won’t read,well I just feel good that I got a little off my soul.I wish you guys happiness,time,instincts and the power to do what you feel…

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  1. o.O
    I’d, honestly, never thought you’re really gonna do this.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Eu am nevoie de schimbari ca de…ciocolata 😀 Altfel ma plictisesc de moarte.

    Vezi ca ai o leapsa de la mine 🙂

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