Deci am decis sa scriu ceva in seara asta.Am spus ca voi scrie o surpriza,ceva mai special pentru cineva special.Imi e greu sa fac mai mult,sau cel putin nu pot in momentul acesta deci voi scrie pentru acea persoana cate putin pentru ca ea este o persoana care m-a afectat si m-a ajutat sa nu fac o greseala mare.Nu sunt un fan mare al scrisului in limba romana deci voi scrie in engleza pentru ca mi se pare ca te poti exprima mult mai bine asa.

So my special someone.First of all, I’m still wondering how we met in that wierd way.I’ve met a lot of special people through anime but none as incredible as you.You are so…me.That’s all I can think of.I’ve never met a person that can see through me so clearly although we never even laid eyes on eachother.It’s like you’re inside of me and it feels as thought I’m vulnerable but for the first time in my life I want to be that way.I want to let you inside and find out everything about me.I’m not afraid but I need a little bit of time to get used to this feeling.I’m a wierd little person and you know that very well.Sometimes I think that I don’t even have to tell you anything else because you know me inside out.It’s not the case though because there are lots of hidden things inside my silly head.You on the other hand are pretty unbeliveable.You coloured my world and made it a sunnier place.The moment I met you I thought she’s exactly what I wanted to meet.Don’t ask me where I got this idea because it was just a hunch and I was right.It’s wierd how,when I want to meet someone new I always wind up meeting the right person.Although I usually don’t get to the right place with that person at least I met her and something beautiful was created.At least I can say that in this life I got to know you a little bit and for one moment in time at least YOU were a very important part of my life.But I’m already going other directions.I had a really tough time and you gave me a hand and lifted me up.I’m sorry that I caused you trouble.You know best how I react when I’m angry.I just say stupid things that I don’t mean.I’ve got no idea how in heaven’s name you had patience.You truly are amazing.I’m sorry I can’t do more to make you happy.I’ll try everything that I can to always help you smile.Because you’re special.Because when you smile it seems that the world is a prettier place.Because it’s the least I can do.I really wish I could brighten up your day more.Although I knew all the stuff you told me,I only listened to it when you said it.You made me smile again.You helped me feel better all the time.You gave me the feeling that I’m not alone.I feel more at home and at peace now.So I can only thank you now and try to be more for you.I wish to see you smile forever.That’s hardly possible but at least most of the time.I’ve reached over 500 words but I still don’t think I’ve said everything.Wait…I’m sure I haven’t.But I’ll leave that for another time.I’ve been told something by a really good friend that helpped me many times.I didn’t listen to that piece of advice.I think I made the right choice.Time will tell.One last thing…Thank you again for being my guiding light…You truly and deeply helpped me through a hard time.I…I…well…I think you’re beautiful in the purest way possible…So thank you my little saviour.I’m not alone.You’re with me and I promise I will always be with you,wheather as a spirit,as a friend,as a boyfriend,as a whatever I may be :)).I just want you to now I’m here.So…Thank You Diana…

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  1. My most passionate work yet 🙂

  2. uu…indeed passionate.

  3. I sucked today. Badly.

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