Self-search Pt. II…

Si seria survey-urilor continua cu toate ca ieri am avut o seara…interesanta sa zicem. Am alergat pe strazile goale ale orasului cu mainile desprinse de corp ca si cum as zbura,am strigat si am zambit mai larg ca niciodata.Moment de fericire.Dar acum voi mai face un survey pentru frumusetea scrierii si pentru ca vad ca sunt pe val.

1. Where is your cell phone? – On the Desk
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend? – Again with the boyfriend thing.I AM NOT GAY ! My girlfriend is none of your business again
3. Your hair? – wet right now,dark-brown usually
4. Work? –  All work and no play makes Poppy a dull boy
5. Your father? – At work all day.
6. Your favorite thing? – Dreaming
7. Your dream last night? – I had about two but i only remember fable detailes of them
8. Your favorite drink? – beer
9. Your dream car? – Ford Mustang(and no Floare de Colt,I really thought about it:)) )
10. The room you’re in? – Best place in the world,my room
11. Your pet? – Pisi and Kitteh
12. Your fears? – Loneliness
13. What do you want to be in 10 years? – Wiser and happier
14. Where did you hang out last night? -I took a walk with Diana
15. What you’re not good at? – Gymnastics
16. Eyebrow rings on the opposite sex? -Haven’t really thought of it but I’m not to eager to try it.
17. One of your wish list items? -I wouldn’t really call it an item 😛
18. Where you grew up? –  Lugoj
19. The last thing you did? -Drink Cocoa
20. What are you wearing? -Comfy Clothes
21. what aren’t you wearing? -Socks, Watch
23. Your computer? -PC and Laptop.Double Trouble :))
24. Your life? -Going better and better(or at least i’d like to belive that)
25. Your mood? -Lazy
26. Missing? – Summer
27. Who are you thinking about right now? -Diana-chan
28. Your car? – FURIA VERDE Ford Fiesta :))
29. Your work? -Again with the work :))
30. Your summer? -As good as it gets
31. Your relationship status? – There is no status.Statuses are for Yahoo Messenger.
32. Your favorite colour? -Violet
33. When is the last time you laughed?-Last night
34. Last time you cried? – Can’t remember
35. School? – Superba Universitate Politehnica Timisoara.


What is your salad dressing of choice? – Meat? :))
What is your favorite fast food restaurant?-I hate fast food restaurants but if i have to choose KFC
What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?-Alexix Notte
What food could you eat every day and not get sick of it?-No idea.I don’t wanna try it though
What are your pizza toppings of choice?-Salami,Bacon EXTRA CHEESE and maybe some eggs and mushroom
What do you like to put on your toast?-butter&cheese
What is your favorite type of gum? – Orbit proffesional white


What is your wallpaper on your computer? -Haley Bennett and a beach with a palm-tree on my laptop
How many televisions are in your house?-4
Do you use a laptop or desktop?-both


Are you right-handed or left-handed?-right handed
Do you like your smile?-not much but it makes me feel great when i smile :))
What’s your best feature?-eyes i guess.
Have you ever had anything removed from your body?-Nothing that should  be there but it had to be removed.I’m fully equipped:))
Which of your five senses do you think is keenest?-Smell
When was the last time you had a cavity?-not so long ago.paaaaaaaaaain.
What is the heaviest item you lifted last?-Bed
Have you ever been knocked unconscious?-No.I’m too big:))


If you could, would you wanna know the day you were going to die?-Who cares?Only if i knew it two days before it would happen so i could do some things:))
Is love for real?- It’s surreal.It’s more than real.
If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?-No changing for me.It fits perfectly to my character.
What color do you think looks best on you?-Black,or so i’ve been told
Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake?-Who hasn’t?
Have you ever saved someone’s life?-I think so.
Has someone ever saved yours?-in a wierd way yes.


Would you walk naked down a public street for $100,000?-define public street :))
Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100?-I’m pretty money-hungry but kissing a guy…maybe for 200$ :))
Would you cut off one of your little fingers for $200,000?-MY PINKY???NEVER YOU SICK BASTARDS!!! :))
Would you never blog again for $50,000?-Of course.I’d stop this blog and create a new one :))Suckers.
Would you pose naked in a magazine for $250,000?-Why would anyone want to see me naked?But fuck yeah:))
Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?-It depends on the size of the bottle but i think i’d do it.
Would you give up watching television for a year for $25,000?-YES. We have live-streaming dude,who needs tv when i can watch it on my pc.That’s an easy buck:))


What is in your left pocket?-I don’t have one right now:))But usually it’s my wallet.
Is Napoleon Dynamite actually a good movie?- I heard it’s stupid
Do you sit or stand in the shower?-stand
Could you live with roommates?-I already do.WICKED TIME BABY!!!
How many pairs of flip flops do you own?-none
Where were you born?-Lugoj
Last time you had a run-in with the cops?-Almost a year ago.Rutine car-licence check.
What do you want to be when you grow up?-Trainer I guess.
Who is number 1 on your top friends?-Mishi
Have you ever got drunk/high with this person?-Not really drunk but we drank together lots of times.
Who is number 2 on your top friends?-Deea
Do you like them?-Of course.
When did you meet them?-Both Mishi and Deea over 4 years ago.
Who is your number 3 on your top friends?-Ureche
Have you slept in the same bed with this person?-Sick fuckers
Would you ever live with this person?-roomie probably
Who is your number 4 in your top friends?-Diana-chan
Have you ever kissed/hugged them?-We’ve never actually met but do virtual hugs count?:))
When was the last time you talked to them in person?-yesterday

Friend you talked to?-Mishi
Last person you called?-Mishi
Person you kissed?-Diana on the cheek yesterday

When?- Yesterday
Would you kiss that person again?- Why not?


Missing someone?-Yup
Listening to?-3 Doors Down – Citizen/Sodier
Worrying about?-College


First place you went this morning?-PC
What can you not wait to do?-Go to a college party.
What’s the last movie you saw?-College
Do you smile often?- YES
Are you a friendly person?-Pretty Much
Good, the first half is over, now have some more fun:
1. Where is the boy you like now? –  I DON’T LIKE BOYS YOU MONGROLLING COCKSUCKERS(Diana-chan sorry for swearing so much but these guys really piss me off:)) )
2. What were you doing Friday night?-Out in zodiac with friends
3. Name something you did yesterday?-I ran with arms wide open through the city.
4. Last person you text messaged?-Mishi
5. Who was the last person to call you?-Mum
6. What are you doing right now?-listening to music and answering questions and waiting to leave
7. Next time you travel out of the country where will it be to?-Japan I hope but I think it’ll be croatia or serbia
8. What color are your eyes?- brown
9. Are you allergic to anything?-Nothing.I’m bullet proof                                                                               10. Are you dating the last person you kissed?-No
11. Last place you ordered food from?-Alberto
12. Who was the last person you shared a bed with?-Deea I think.
13. What color is your hair?-Brown
14. Do you remember singing any songs as a kid?-A lot of them actually.I’m a pretty good singer,or at least i was.Now i sing in my sleep:)) LALALALALALA.
15. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?- This again?:))I though we went over this.
16. Who knows a secret or two about you?-Deea
17. When was the last time you lied?-Possibly yesterday:))
18. Do you like fire?-I’m a pyromaniac
19. Did you have a nap today?-Nope.I don’t nap
20. What is your favorite drink?-Jeesh not again.Fuck you guys
21. What do you wear more, jeans or sweats?-jeans
25. Where did you get the shirt you’re wearing now?-From my uncle
26. Have you ever wanted to be a teacher?-Strangely enough yes
28. Is anyone jealous of you?-I hope so:))
30. Have any regrets?-I don’t think so.Not any major ones at least.
31. Where were you 1 hour ago?-Right here
32. Where were you 8 hours ago?-Bed
35. Has anyone ever told you that they like you more than as a friend?-Yes
37. Is cheating ever okay?-Defenetly not
38. Who was the last person you rode in a car with?-Ureche,my car.
39. What are you looking forward to?- Next weekend
41. Have you kissed anyone in the past week?-I don’t think so,no.

43. What are you listening to?-3 doors down  – it’s not my time
45. Favorite Sports Team?-POLI TIMISOARA!!!
46. What song do you want played at your funeral?-Bon Jovi  – It’s my life:))Got ya fuckers:)).
47. What were you doing 12 AM last night?-I have no clue:))
48. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?-What did i dream last night?
49. Who will you be with this Saturday night?-No idea.
50. What woke you up this morning?-Nothing in particular
52. Is tomorrow going to be a good night?-I think so
53. Did you kiss or hug anyone today?-not yet.
55. How many myspace accounts do you have?-one that i never used:))
56. Do or did you like school?-I miss high-school
56. Would you take a bullet for anyone?-Clearly yes.I don’t value my life that much.
57. Where would you like to live?-Tokio
58. Do long distance relationships work?-Maybe but i highly doubt it.
59. Does your crush like you? – No idea.
60. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?-Working and having fun.
61. Have you ever thought about getting your lip pierced?-NO.
62. Does a kiss make your cuts feel better?-That’s just folklore but it helps if you think it does.
63. Have you ever passed out on the bathroom floor? Why would i passout there?:))
64. Can you cook?-Some things yes.
65. What shoe do you put on first, left or right?-I have no order
66. Have you ever brushed your teeth while in the shower?-Yup.
67. Have you had more than 3 boyfriends/girlfriends at the same time?-At the same time?Are you kidding me?:))
68. Have you ever thought about your death?-Hasn’t every man?
69. Whats your hair color?-If you ask me this one more time i swear i will hurt you:))Somehow…
70. Where do you put your towel after taking a shower?-I hang it up somewhere
71. What color is your shower curtain?-I don’t have a shower curtain.
72. Have you ever had stitches?-No
73. Are you straight?-THANK GOD I AM.
74. Did you believe that girls have cooties?- :))That’s so Dexter of you.
75. Do you know how to use chop sticks?-OH YEAH I DO.:D
76. Can you finish the phrase, “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?”-I wouldn’t want to finish it:))
78. Do you sometimes believe that guys have PMS?-Guys have PMS but we don’t bleed,we’re just in a very bad mood.
79. Who was the last person you couldn’t take your eyes off of?- Lavi.Mai precis Lavi’s eyes.
80. Have you ever given money to a homeless person?-Yes
81. Have you ever run over an animal?-Thank God No.
82. What is your favourite cereal?-Viva :))
83. Have you ever had an Oreo with peanut butter? -Nope
84. Have you gotten a text today?-Yup
85. Do you think its right for straight guys to get their tongue pierced?-Yup,but i wouldn’t advise it.
86. Where’s your favorite place to be?-On a hill under a tree watching the sky with someone of even alone.
88. It’s Wednesday afternoon, where are you usually?-La camin probabil.
89. Who are the last four people to send you a text message?-Mishi,mum,teo,lilah.
91. What are you listening to?-NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.Deja ma enerveaza intrebarile astea:))
92. Your christmas list consists of?-Snow and a walk with someone through it.
93. Your ex just asked you out and you say?-Okay.We’re friends now.
94. You’re going to New York for school shopping, where do you go first?-OMG CENTRAL PARK!!!Fuck shopping.It’ NY CITY.
95. You need a new pair of jeans, what store do you go to first?-No freakin idea:))I’m no girl.
96. How do you feel about your hair?-It’s complicated:))
97. What time do you wake up for school?-7 am usually.but it depends on when i have classes tomorow.
98. What movie is in your DVD player?-Get Smart.
99. Last two numbers in your phone number?-Mum,blaj marius.
100. Who calls you by a nickname?-Many people:))Poppy is very popular:))
101. What side of the bed do you sleep on?-Both.
102. Do you like roller coasters?-No.
103. Favorite T.V. show?-How i met your mother,two and a half men,californication,the simpsons,family guy,american dad,south park and many more but i don’t watch them on tv.
104. Your last IM was from?-Teo
105. Favorite Beverage?-Oh you assholes,i will really hurt you.
106. When’s the next time you’ll kiss someone of the opposite sex?-I don’t have a clock for this:))
107. What do your pants look like?-Gray
108. Are you tired?-Nope.
109. Do you have to pee?-Just did it.
110. Would you kiss the cook of tonights dinner?- I’m not that narcisistic:)).Tonight I cook:)).
111. Laugh much?-Not much recently
112. What are your plans for Saturday?-No plans yet.
114. Favorite sit down restaurant?-We went over this.I will inflict huge amounts of pain if this goes on.
115. Bubble gum flavor of choice?-Mint?
116. What do you want to be when you grow up?-Again…Trainer…Remember the pain?
117. The most excitement you had this week?-The week just started.
118. What do you usually order at Taco Bell?- Never been,never will go.
119. Have you ever sat all the way through Gone With the Wind?-I don’t remember.
120. When was the last time you were up all night?-Not so long ago.
121. Where is your favorite place?-I told you.That hill…
122. Do you ever think about the price of gasoline?-YES.IT’S FREAKIN EXPENSIVE.
123. Do you sleep with a fan on?-nope
124. What’s the best thing about winter?-the air that makes you feel happier and a white christmas.maybe new years eve too.
125. How often do you hold back from saying what you are thinking?-Depends.Not much though.
126. How many states have you been to?-Most of them in romania,I haven’t been in the usa yet.
127. Are you currently planning a trip?-Not yet.
128. Who was the last person you read something out loud to?-My roomies.
129. Last time you forced yourself to do something?-I don’t remember.
130. Have you ever googled your name and found somebody?-Just now:)).
140. Who’s your number one?-My number one what?
141. Can you drive?-Yup.
142. What makes you feel like you are young again?-Well i’m pretty young so…:))
143. Do you ever type “kik” or “;p’;” instead of “lol”?-I don’t type lol usually:)).I hate that word.
144. Do you know how to play chess?-Not much
145. Whats on your mind right now?-Dream catch me :)).

THANG GOT THIS IS OVER.Nu credeam ca o sa dureze asa mult.Si are aproape 2400 de cuvinte.So m-am plictisit destul.Cheers my friends.

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  1. Bine ai venit un Clubul “oameni destulde nebuni care sa raspunda la peste 200 de intrebari idioate” 🙂
    Have a nice stay:)

  2. Thank you Laura-chan

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