In ultima vreme am avut multe post-uri in care raspundeam la diverse intrebari despre mine.N-am idee de ce tot merg pe drumul acesta.Poate incerc sa ma regasesc, sa-mi dau seama ce am devenit pentru ca ma simt putin ciudat in corpul meu momentan.Azi voi continua seria Autocautarii cu urmatorul Survey:

* Name :  Popescu Alexandru-Cornel
Nick Name :  Poppy,Popi,Popy,Poppi nu am idee cum se scrie fiindca toti il scriu altfel
* Birthdate :  05.07.1989
* Birthplace:  Lugoj
Current Location:  Timisoara 5/7 lugoj 2/7
Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Color:  Brown
Height:  1.88
Weight:  98KG(Fuck I’m fat:)) )
Piercings:  Hate ’em
Tatoos: Not any permenent ones
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:  No boyfriend thank God.Girlfriend…None of your business
Vehicle:  Car: Ford Fiesta
Overused Phrase:  “Luami-ai coaiele-n gura” “No Shit?” “Scuze am fost cu capu in nori”

* Food:  Don’t have one.Probabil  ceva nesanatos.
Pub/Disc/Restaurant:  Zodiac/New Yorker(care s-a inchis din pacate si in locul sau s-a mutat un cacat de Exclusive)/Alexix Notte
Candy:  Don’t eat that crap.
* Number:  5
* Color:  Violet
Animal:  Lolcat
Drink:  Beer & Mineral Water
Body Part on Opposite sex:  Eyes
Perfume:  Givenci
TV Show:  How I Met Your Mother,Two And A Half Men
Music Album:  Howie Day – Stop All the World Now; Westlife – Back Home
Movie:  The Shawshank Redemption,Eurotrip,Serendipity,If Only
Actor/Actress:  Jason Statham/Haley Bennett

This or That
* Pepsi or Coke:  Both,I can’t decide.It depends
McDonalds or BurgerKing:  None
Chocolate or Vanilla : Both but chocolate a little bit more
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:  Hot Chocolate(Coffee is for addicts)
Kiss or Hug:  Hug
Dog or Cat:  CAT
Rap or Punk:  Punk
* Summer or Winter: Both,but summer rules
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:  FUNNY MOVIES.
* Love or Money:  Love

* Bedtime: Weekdays 01.00 Weekends 03.00-04.00
* Most Missed Memory:  High-School
* Best phyiscal feature:  Eyes
First Thought Waking Up:  “Fuck it’s morning”
Ambition:  Proving everyone wrong and show them that things are reachable when you really belive.
Best Friends:  Mishi
Weakness:  Smiles
Fears:  Loneliness
Longest relationship: 2 months

* Cheated Your Partner: No
* Ever been beaten up:  Yes but not so badly
* Ever beaten someone up:  Same as before
Ever Shoplifted:  No
Ever Skinny Dipped: YES
Ever Kissed Opposite sex: Of course you nimrod.
Been Dumped Lately:  Lately no,often yes.

* Favorite Eye Color:  Sea-blue but i’m starting to be more attracted to brown and black-eyes.No idea why
* Favorite Hair Color:  Blond but again that old flame is going out.Brunettes do it more for me now.
Short or Long:  Medium
Height:  1.65-1.70
Style:  Anti-Pitzi Style
* Looks or Personality:  Personality
Hot or Cute : Cute
Muscular or Really Skinny: A girl?Wierd question:)) Normal

What country do you want to Visit: JAPAN
How do you want to Die:  With a smile on my face
Been to the Mall Lately:  I guess
Get along with your Parents:  Pretty much
* Health Freak:  Are you kidding me? Not even a little 🙂
Do you think your Attractive:  No,I belive I’m ugly annoing and I would advise anyone to stay away from me. But that’s just me:))
* Believe in Yourself: 90% of the time yes.
Want to go to College:  I AM THERE ASSWHIPE.
Do you Smoke:  FUCK NO.Smoking is for weaklings.
Do you Drink:  Ocasionaly
Shower Daily:  Pretty much.
* Been in Love:  Yes…
Do you Sing:  Yup and I love it
Want to get Married:  Yes
Do you want Children:  Yes
Age you wanna lose your Virginity: How about you smell my asshole and answear that eh? 😀
Hate anyone:  No one right now. I love people,I like people and the rest are just irrelevant 🙂

Asa.Inca un survey incheiat fara concluzie trasa. Nu m-am surprins prea mult acum.Hope you enjoy some shallow detailes about me.Take Care.

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  1. Am 2 probleme :
    1)a durat 1 minut sa dau scroll pana la comments :)))
    2) *huuuuuuuuug*

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