I don’t know why people are faced with this unavoidable path.We are born,we live and wie die.It’s just the way things work.You may want to start speaking about destiny because if death is the end for us all and we can’t change it,we can only postpone it then it means we all suffer from the disease called “destiny”.If you belive that you can make your own path and find your own way of life then it’s perfectly normal and true but in the end we all end up the same way.It’s said that the moment before death you see your whole life flashing before your eyes.All the important moments,the good and the bad ones, flow like an old movie that just gets ripped at one point.And then it stops…the long beating of your heart just dissapears into the ongoing darkness and paradoxaly you head into a light…hoping that maybe,just maybe,you’re off to a better place.No one knows for sure if that’s how it is because,well you get it,no one lived to tell the tale of death. A person only dies when he is forgotton,but does that really mean that much?It takes some time but then you just vanish and your grave remains untouched and you are off into the unknown leaving everything you’ve lived for,everything you’ve ever cherished, behind.They will move on because that’s the way life works,but how do you feel?Are you alone again?No one really knows for sure until they reach that certain moment.If someone has the courage to be with you in your final moments then that means that you really had someone that cared for you in this life.A man on his death bed will tell you his last piece of advice,the last thing he hopes will help you live on.If you loved him,then you’ll surely remember his last words and they will surely be of great help one day.It is said that if it rains on the day of the funeral then the person who died really loved life and wanted to be with his loved ones at least a little bit more.So many things are said and no one knows which of them are true…but one thing is for sure…death hurts people…it’s unavoidable and it’s painful to watch,yet alone be the one who dies…So just be prepared and live your life the way you want because there really is nothing to lose in this game.

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