Friendship is somewhat of a reflex.Like all powerful feelings it just happens and as much as you try to repress it,you’ll end up in failure.It’s like a man that can’t be moved.We’re talking about real friendship here,not your everyday cliche.For each of us friendship represents something different.Maybe I didn’t say it in the way I meant it.Lets just say each of us sees someone as a friend judging by different criteria.For example some people consider someone a true friend,someone that is always there for them in their time of need.Other consider a friend,simply a person that they meet on the street after a long period of time when they’ve not seen eachother and that one person stops and asks how the other one is doing and not only says “Hi”.Sure there’s a lot of phylosophy here,but since I’m in the mood I think I’m gonna write some more. Friendship is based on mutual trust between two people.It’s the feeling that you could go along with that person against the whole world and you’d still win.Once your trust is broken several times,it’s hard to start beliving in people again.But that doesn’t mean that you should give up because it’d be a shame to try and go through life alone.Don’t think that you’re unbreakable and that you’ll manage just fine as you did until now,cause you’ll be surprised when you find yourself alone in need of help and no one will be there.There are still good people in this world and it’s worth going through a lot of pain to meet them.Then everything will be suddenly forgotten.The problem here is that you have to trust that person once you meet him.Sure,it’s risky and you don’t wanna get hurt again.But isn’t life all about taking risks?Do you actually feel good in your tiny little bubble,not knowing what’s outside of it and just making presumptions that it’s all bad?Give people a chance…The truth is that it can be another dissapointment but maybe it’s worth taking a chance.It’s in your hands.The decision whether to trust him or not is up to you.I say try it because if you fall to the bottom you can only go back up.But of course I’m just rambling for a certain someone.Don’t think that person will notice but maybe somewhere deep in the subconscience something will be triggered and you’ll trust again.Don’t live in shadows and regrets.There’s light here too.

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  1. Once your trust is broken several times,it’s hard to start beliving in people again.True.
    Once your heart got broken several times, again and again, it’s hard to start a new feeling or to love again. Once you gave your everything to smb it’s hard, cause you’re left with nothing. You would do that again, who wouldn’t? But doing it again, it’s so hard, with your heart broken and empty. Who could believe you again? Saying those wonderful three words again… who will believe…? Or, let’s just say it straight. Who will give a shit? Cause those three words, are often not to be trusted… those three words… which including me, could say them again… those three words. You just couldn’t believe those three words, could you?

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