About Me…

So, what did you do last night?: Spent it with friends and watched “College”.

What did you have for breakfast?: I skipped breakfast and had lunch directly

Name 3 things you love: Writing, Dreams and strangely enough…People.

Name 3 things you hate: Waking up in the morning, Excess of sarcasm, Reality

Who was the last person to make you laugh?: Well Deea today,but the person that really made me laugh hard was Denis

Who was the last person to make you cry?:  Someone that  I treasure now. It happend long ago.

When were you last sick?: Sick never,ill last winter.

When were you last afraid?: Last Night.I had a nervous breakdown.

When did you last shower?: Today

What is that sound?: Backstreet Boys in my headphones.

Is it easy to fall in love?: It depends.Define Love.

Do you love anyone right now?: I think so.

Does anyone love you?: I would like to think so but i doubt it .

Has anyone in your top friends ever bought you a present?: Of course.What kind of shitty question is this?

Has anyone in your top friends ever made you cry?: I would like to say no but i’d be lying

Have you kissed any of your top friends?:  Yes.

What would make you happy right now?: I would be really happy if a wish i made some time ago came true.

Is it possible?: I’d like to think so.And this time I really mean it.

Have you ever gone skinny dipping?: YES I HAVE AND I’M DAMN PROUD OF IT.

Have you ever blacked out?: Yeah

Have you ever seen a ghost?: I’m not sure, cause at the time i thought i saw one i couldn’t figure out if it was a ghost or a figment of my imagination.

Have you ever been beaten up?: Wasn’t every boy?I go down trying though.

All I want for Christmas is: I could be a cliche and say “You” but…ah fuck it of course i want you.

After this survey I’m going to: Watch some shows.

Look at number 4 on your friends list, has he/she ever made you cry?: Do you fuckin’ think i made a list of the order of my friends?Crazy survey…But for the sake of argument lets say no.

Has he/she ever thrown something at you?: That god damn teddy hurt.

When did you last see him/her?: Today

Has he/she ever made you laugh?: I mentioned that earlier.

Do you want someone you cant have?: Doesn’t everybody?I do.

What is your favorite Halloween costume?: Lets just go for the “Count Dracula” classic.

Favorite birthday present?: A day spent with all my friends

Favorite color?: Violet.

Favorite drug?: Internet and a certain song

Favorite invention?: porn…kidding.i guess…pirating(nr. piraterie pentru necunoscatori)

Favorite movie/ sport/ animal?: What Dreams May Come/Swimming and Footbal/ Kitteh(Cat you freakin’ NOOBS)

Are you currently reading a book?: Two actually

In a relationship?: Damn your interested nature.NO

Is your room clean?: It’s never clean and i like it this way bitch.

Are you a happy person?:  Alone no.With friends always.

What was the last thing you bought?: New Shirt.

What was the last movie you saw in a theatre? At home?: In the theater Forgetting Sarah Marshall,At home: College.

What was the last thing that made you smile?:Talking to Diana and Ioana.

What was the last thing you dreamed about?: Me being a cocain dealer.I was wickedly rich.

What was your worst injury?: A tooth broken by a rock.I’m almost indistructable.

What color are your socks?:The ones i have on are black.

What is your middle name?: Cornel

What is your biggest turn-off?: Sexually: Imagining doing your own mother.In a conversation: Normality

What is your biggest turn-on?: Wouldn’t you like to know? Sexually: BJ.In a conversation: Dirty little secrets

Would you kiss the last person that you kissed again?: Maybe.But I don’t think so.

Name 3 things that are physically near you: Laptop, Phone, Cactus.

Name something about you that others might think is weird: I like anime and  being surprising all the time

Hugs or kisses?: Do I have to choose?Fuck this,I like both.Hugs are warmer,kisses are deeper.

Day or night?: Night

Apples or bananas?:  None thank you.How about stake?

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: I only slepped with one once.Bad Night.

Name someone whos name starts with the letter T: Teo

How many people have seen you naked?: Not enough…and i’ve seen a lot.

Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex?: FUCK NO!!!

Name something that you are dreading: Being left out.Remaining alone.Reality.

Hey, this survey is over!: It was fun I guess.

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  1. :))hai ca am ras serios..foarte tare:D

  2. I think this one started from me 😛 hehe

  3. 😀 …. e doar Alex … cum sa ne asteptam la mai putin din partea lui?;;)
    … pusi :*

  4. Prea lunga pt mine :p Promit sa o onorez pe urmatoarea 🙂

  5. Ok.Pana atunci onorez si eu un copy-paste pentru zodia mea 🙂

  6. Dreading reality, hating it, and hating to wake up in the morning.
    Damn, chiar ca sunt pe aceeasi frecventa cu tine aici :))

  7. Well exista lucruri mai bune decat realitatea si trezitul de dimineata:))

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