More Than Words…

Isn’t it strange how life twists and turns you until it leaves you confused and feeling lost? What does something mean these days? How do you know it’s what it seems to be? How can we make presumptions when nothing is sure nowadays? Sure you think, why don’t you just take a risk? Well sure you take some risks, but after a while you get tired of being wrong… cause lets face it, there are too few people that actually get it right everytime. So how do we deal with these signs? Well you have to think this through very well,but then again if you take your time too much then you may lose your chance to act and fight for something that could,lets say… brighten up your day. How about we stop beating around the bush and get to it? I’m,of course, speaking about the signs that people give out when they’re in love with someone else. But this doesn’t work only for that kind of love,it works for parental love,friendship love and so on.Of course in those situations,one side expreses it’s love for the other in an unpleasent and plain out wrong way. That’s why you have to face your friends or family and tell them that you know they love you but they just go to far. Regarding your relatives, I’m sure they would understand that you reached a certain age and that you can take a certain responsability upon yourself. Of course you have to prove it to them otherwise they won’t belive. We all know how some parents are too protective. Or maybe they just don’t understand what you want or what your dreams are,thinking that they are foolish and stupid. Well know this, you can acomplish your dreams if you actually try and not just sit around and think about them all day. So what if you don’t have their aproval? You don’t need it! You’re a grown man/woman and you can handle yourself, or at least part of yourself. Give it a shot and if you succede, the more reason to be happy because you showed everybody that you can stand alone. Now regarding your friends… the thing is a lot of friends missinterpret your actions. For example if you’ve been spending time with another friend and neglecting another one, it doesn’t mean you like one better, but maybe one of them has a problem and needs help. Also if your friend has a problem and doesn’t want to talk about it then just understand him and tell him that you’re there if he ever need help. People need their moments of solitude. Now for the final matter. Let me be frank: When do you know someone loves you through the signs they’re making?(love being a very loose term here,cause it’s hard to talk about it like that…lets just say when someone likes you in more than a friendly way). Sure this might seem an imature subject to some, but I’m speaking from personal and other people’s experience. Nowadays it’s really hard to tell the difference between a flirt or a tease and a conversation that just isn’t taken seriously by both sides. I can’t give you too much advice here, just that the most logic thing to do is to risk finding out what it was about. Of course by doing this there’s a chance that you lose this person forever in more ways than one…but being left clouded is not a solution. People are scared of reactions… they are scared of what others may think… they like their nice cozy secure little place in the world and they fear venturing out of it sensing danger. Well of course the world is progressing slowly if no one has the guts to tell someone he cares for what he really feels like,let alone take a risc in making his dreams come true. Sure some things come with big risks and some don’t work out as planned… but i don’t see the logic in just staying nested when you can fly farther then anyone but you could imagine… Take a risk in your life today and tell someone how you feel… Then maybe your road will open and new oportunities will come to you. If not you at least got something off your heart and after a small bump in the road you get up and go forward seeking out your dreams.

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  1. “Don’t take life too seriously; you’ll never get out of it alive.”

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