Friendship is somewhat of a reflex.Like all powerful feelings it just happens and as much as you try to repress it,you’ll end up in failure.It’s like a man that can’t be moved.We’re talking about real friendship here,not your everyday cliche.For each of us friendship represents something different.Maybe I didn’t say it in the way I meant it.Lets just say each of us sees someone as a friend judging by different criteria.For example some people consider someone a true friend,someone that is always there for them in their time of need.Other consider a friend,simply a person that they meet on the street after a long period of time when they’ve not seen eachother and that one person stops and asks how the other one is doing and not only says “Hi”.Sure there’s a lot of phylosophy here,but since I’m in the mood I think I’m gonna write some more. Friendship is based on mutual trust between two people.It’s the feeling that you could go along with that person against the whole world and you’d still win.Once your trust is broken several times,it’s hard to start beliving in people again.But that doesn’t mean that you should give up because it’d be a shame to try and go through life alone.Don’t think that you’re unbreakable and that you’ll manage just fine as you did until now,cause you’ll be surprised when you find yourself alone in need of help and no one will be there.There are still good people in this world and it’s worth going through a lot of pain to meet them.Then everything will be suddenly forgotten.The problem here is that you have to trust that person once you meet him.Sure,it’s risky and you don’t wanna get hurt again.But isn’t life all about taking risks?Do you actually feel good in your tiny little bubble,not knowing what’s outside of it and just making presumptions that it’s all bad?Give people a chance…The truth is that it can be another dissapointment but maybe it’s worth taking a chance.It’s in your hands.The decision whether to trust him or not is up to you.I say try it because if you fall to the bottom you can only go back up.But of course I’m just rambling for a certain someone.Don’t think that person will notice but maybe somewhere deep in the subconscience something will be triggered and you’ll trust again.Don’t live in shadows and regrets.There’s light here too.

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About Me…

So, what did you do last night?: Spent it with friends and watched “College”.

What did you have for breakfast?: I skipped breakfast and had lunch directly

Name 3 things you love: Writing, Dreams and strangely enough…People.

Name 3 things you hate: Waking up in the morning, Excess of sarcasm, Reality

Who was the last person to make you laugh?: Well Deea today,but the person that really made me laugh hard was Denis

Who was the last person to make you cry?:  Someone that  I treasure now. It happend long ago.

When were you last sick?: Sick never,ill last winter.

When were you last afraid?: Last Night.I had a nervous breakdown.

When did you last shower?: Today

What is that sound?: Backstreet Boys in my headphones.

Is it easy to fall in love?: It depends.Define Love.

Do you love anyone right now?: I think so.

Does anyone love you?: I would like to think so but i doubt it .

Has anyone in your top friends ever bought you a present?: Of course.What kind of shitty question is this?

Has anyone in your top friends ever made you cry?: I would like to say no but i’d be lying

Have you kissed any of your top friends?:  Yes.

What would make you happy right now?: I would be really happy if a wish i made some time ago came true.

Is it possible?: I’d like to think so.And this time I really mean it.

Have you ever gone skinny dipping?: YES I HAVE AND I’M DAMN PROUD OF IT.

Have you ever blacked out?: Yeah

Have you ever seen a ghost?: I’m not sure, cause at the time i thought i saw one i couldn’t figure out if it was a ghost or a figment of my imagination.

Have you ever been beaten up?: Wasn’t every boy?I go down trying though.

All I want for Christmas is: I could be a cliche and say “You” but…ah fuck it of course i want you.

After this survey I’m going to: Watch some shows.

Look at number 4 on your friends list, has he/she ever made you cry?: Do you fuckin’ think i made a list of the order of my friends?Crazy survey…But for the sake of argument lets say no.

Has he/she ever thrown something at you?: That god damn teddy hurt.

When did you last see him/her?: Today

Has he/she ever made you laugh?: I mentioned that earlier.

Do you want someone you cant have?: Doesn’t everybody?I do.

What is your favorite Halloween costume?: Lets just go for the “Count Dracula” classic.

Favorite birthday present?: A day spent with all my friends

Favorite color?: Violet.

Favorite drug?: Internet and a certain song

Favorite invention?: porn…kidding.i guess…pirating(nr. piraterie pentru necunoscatori)

Favorite movie/ sport/ animal?: What Dreams May Come/Swimming and Footbal/ Kitteh(Cat you freakin’ NOOBS)

Are you currently reading a book?: Two actually

In a relationship?: Damn your interested nature.NO

Is your room clean?: It’s never clean and i like it this way bitch.

Are you a happy person?:  Alone no.With friends always.

What was the last thing you bought?: New Shirt.

What was the last movie you saw in a theatre? At home?: In the theater Forgetting Sarah Marshall,At home: College.

What was the last thing that made you smile?:Talking to Diana and Ioana.

What was the last thing you dreamed about?: Me being a cocain dealer.I was wickedly rich.

What was your worst injury?: A tooth broken by a rock.I’m almost indistructable.

What color are your socks?:The ones i have on are black.

What is your middle name?: Cornel

What is your biggest turn-off?: Sexually: Imagining doing your own mother.In a conversation: Normality

What is your biggest turn-on?: Wouldn’t you like to know? Sexually: BJ.In a conversation: Dirty little secrets

Would you kiss the last person that you kissed again?: Maybe.But I don’t think so.

Name 3 things that are physically near you: Laptop, Phone, Cactus.

Name something about you that others might think is weird: I like anime and  being surprising all the time

Hugs or kisses?: Do I have to choose?Fuck this,I like both.Hugs are warmer,kisses are deeper.

Day or night?: Night

Apples or bananas?:  None thank you.How about stake?

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: I only slepped with one once.Bad Night.

Name someone whos name starts with the letter T: Teo

How many people have seen you naked?: Not enough…and i’ve seen a lot.

Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex?: FUCK NO!!!

Name something that you are dreading: Being left out.Remaining alone.Reality.

Hey, this survey is over!: It was fun I guess.

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365 De Cuvinte…

Eram pe punctul de a posta ceva incredibil de idiot si de care probabil as fi fost dezamagit la un anumit moment dat.Asa ca fiind inspirat din pura coincidenta a aparitiei numarului 365 pe ecran voi scrie 365 de cuvinte ce inseamna ceva pentru mine:

Terra, Prieten, Mama, Aer, Putere, Viata, Energie, Memorie, Viteza, Legatura, Imbratisare, Caldura, Zbor, Vara, Apa, Cer, Vis, Senin, Miros, Sentiment, Atingere, Bere, Zodiac, Vecin, Copilarie, Avion, Departare, Rezistenta, Viitor, Mister, Briza, Ocean, Tokio, Anime, Surpriza, Club, Familie, Intuneric, Soare, Rasuflare, Abur, Scari, Miscare, Bunatate, Durere, Uitare, Casa, Suflet, Animal, Kilometru, Discutie, Inteligenta, Filozofie, Temperatura, Noi, Risc, Schimbare, Gand, Ade, Proaspat, Diana, Frumos, Vlad, Potential, Alex, Interesant, Deea, Multumesc, Iertare, Fereastra, Craciun, Ioana, Fantastic, Teo, Neasteptat, Carte, Sculptura, Lampa, Poza, Cactus, Peste, Amintire, Liceu, Drum, Incredere, Daruire, Volum, Muzica, Credinta, Facultate, Camin, Colegi, Lumina, Zambet, Cancer, Rac, Apel, Ajutor, Control, Pierdere, Timp, Poveste, Plictiseala, Lupta, Frica, Plans, Ascuns, Valoare, Suprafata, Furie, Tu, Cadere, Intrebare, Greseala, Inchis, Cineva, Vedere, Salvare, Singur, Nou, Revelion, Munte, Chef, Nor, Lume, Apropiere, Plec, Tarziu, Sus, Inger, Demon, Melodie, Foc, Ardere, Scrum, Elemente, Pamant, Incredibil, Ploaie, Inima, Alcool, Tristete, Dar, Necontrolat, Vocabular, Virgil, Chitara, Invatatura, Bogdan, Diferit, Mishi, Amic, Fotbal, Timisoara, Politehnica, Concurs, Puncte, Oameni, Plimbare, Luna, Plaja, Pasi, Orasel, Apus, Rasarit, Inselat, Gresit, Identic, Zi, Aruncat, Sfarsit, Gigi, Strigat, Denis, Ras, Deeiu, Distractie, Cria, Dans, Daia, Goghzipuu, Mada, Cool, Florentina, Secret, Oana, Microfon, Flavia, Amant, Andreea, Traditie, Manu, Aleko, CD, Pornografie, Claudiu, Doctor, Liviu, Genial, Razvan, Similitudine, Egoism, Narcisism, Misoginie, Ura, Bolnav, Ocupatie, Suicid, Ingamfare, Idee, Krauser, Cadou, Piggy, Web-cam, Oboseala, Pat, Somn, Nebunie, Diriginte, Democratie, Director, Primar,Iubire…Nu sunt 365 de cuvinte…pentru ca nu are rost.Chestia e ca la mine in cap toate au o legatura stranie, pe care nu e obligatoriu sa o vada lumea(Ar fi si cam greu).Vroiam sa ajung la concluzia ca toate aceste cuvinte spuse aleatoriu inseamna ceva pentru mine si ca nu trebuie sa ma exprim inteligibil pentru a spune ceva.As vrea totusi sa ajung la 365 de cuvinte doar spuse altfel.Multumesc tuturor pentru ca mi-ati dat din ce in ce mai multe cuvinte de scris.Ma bucur ca sunteti in viata mea si nu mi-as dori alte persoane in ea.Take Care Guys.

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Exista momente in viata unui om cand pur si simplu totul e perfect. Nu exista altfel de fericire. Cel putin nu pe Pamant. Totul consta in aceste momente in care simti ca totul e la locul lui si cand iei o gura de aer iti dai seama ca nu ai vrea sa te aflii altundeva acum. Call it being at the right place, at the right time. Poti sa-i spui cum vrei dar adevarul e ca ne hranim din asemenea momente. Amintirile cele mai puternice le avem din aceste lucruri. Momentul in care iti dai seama cine e cu adevarat prietenul tau, momentul primului sarut cu o persoana speciala, de fapt momentul dinaintea acestuia in care respiri acelasi aer si stii ca iti vei aminti momentul asta, momentul cand astepti mireasa in fata altarului respectiv mergi spre altar. Exemplele pot continua. Sigur…dupa asemenea momente de cota maxima vor exista si clipe grele intr-o relatie, fie ea de prietenie sau mai mult. Te poti certa cu acel amic dintr-o chestie minuscula, poti avea un impuls care sa strice tot ceea ce ai cladit cu partenera ta(respectiv partenerul). La un moment dat s-ar putea sa ai o anumita idee. Sa crezi ca momentele astea sunt stricate de ceea ce urmeaza. Aici cred ca gresesti pentru ca daca ai fost in stare sa simti ca intreaga lume se invarte in jurul tau intr-o clipa cu aceea persoana, atunci cu siguranta merita incercat sa mergi mai departe. Ok, sa zicem ca intr-o noapte ai cunoscut o persoana si v-ati hotarat sa incercati sa aveti o seara incredibila dar fara consecinte, fara sa dati nume, fara nici un detaliu. Si asta chair se intampla, nici nu iti vine sa crezi ca a mers. Ce vei face? Vei lasa totul sa se duca de rapa si vei pastra doar o amintire perfecta? Sau vei incerca sa claditi ceva pe un moment asa puternic. Vei risca sau vei ceda? Decizia iti apartine…dar gandeste-te foarte bine si asculta ce iti spune tipul mic din tine. Daca chiar iti sugereaza sa lasi totul sa decurga normal si sa ramana perfectiunea clipei ok, a fost alegerea ta. Dar daca vezi cel mai mic semn ca trebuie sa risti si sa nu lasi acea persoana sa dispara din viata ta,pai atunci fugi dupa ea si spune-i ca ai vrea sa incercati sa faceti din voi mai mult decat o amintire. Fi fericit idiotule ca totul sta in puterea ta!

Stiu ca majoritatea cititorilor cred ca scriu un car de prostii, dar sincer nu ar putea sa ma intereseze mai putin. Eu imi scriu parerea si ceea ce cred eu ca e bine si adevarat. E problema voastra daca sunteti de acord sau nu. Poate va deschid ochii la ceva sau poate doar va fac sa ganditi “Doamne ce prost mai ii si asta”. Oricare din cele doua ar fi sper sa faceti alegerile potrivite in asemenea momente si daca am scris si eu ceva bun ma bucur.

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More Than Words…

Isn’t it strange how life twists and turns you until it leaves you confused and feeling lost? What does something mean these days? How do you know it’s what it seems to be? How can we make presumptions when nothing is sure nowadays? Sure you think, why don’t you just take a risk? Well sure you take some risks, but after a while you get tired of being wrong… cause lets face it, there are too few people that actually get it right everytime. So how do we deal with these signs? Well you have to think this through very well,but then again if you take your time too much then you may lose your chance to act and fight for something that could,lets say… brighten up your day. How about we stop beating around the bush and get to it? I’m,of course, speaking about the signs that people give out when they’re in love with someone else. But this doesn’t work only for that kind of love,it works for parental love,friendship love and so on.Of course in those situations,one side expreses it’s love for the other in an unpleasent and plain out wrong way. That’s why you have to face your friends or family and tell them that you know they love you but they just go to far. Regarding your relatives, I’m sure they would understand that you reached a certain age and that you can take a certain responsability upon yourself. Of course you have to prove it to them otherwise they won’t belive. We all know how some parents are too protective. Or maybe they just don’t understand what you want or what your dreams are,thinking that they are foolish and stupid. Well know this, you can acomplish your dreams if you actually try and not just sit around and think about them all day. So what if you don’t have their aproval? You don’t need it! You’re a grown man/woman and you can handle yourself, or at least part of yourself. Give it a shot and if you succede, the more reason to be happy because you showed everybody that you can stand alone. Now regarding your friends… the thing is a lot of friends missinterpret your actions. For example if you’ve been spending time with another friend and neglecting another one, it doesn’t mean you like one better, but maybe one of them has a problem and needs help. Also if your friend has a problem and doesn’t want to talk about it then just understand him and tell him that you’re there if he ever need help. People need their moments of solitude. Now for the final matter. Let me be frank: When do you know someone loves you through the signs they’re making?(love being a very loose term here,cause it’s hard to talk about it like that…lets just say when someone likes you in more than a friendly way). Sure this might seem an imature subject to some, but I’m speaking from personal and other people’s experience. Nowadays it’s really hard to tell the difference between a flirt or a tease and a conversation that just isn’t taken seriously by both sides. I can’t give you too much advice here, just that the most logic thing to do is to risk finding out what it was about. Of course by doing this there’s a chance that you lose this person forever in more ways than one…but being left clouded is not a solution. People are scared of reactions… they are scared of what others may think… they like their nice cozy secure little place in the world and they fear venturing out of it sensing danger. Well of course the world is progressing slowly if no one has the guts to tell someone he cares for what he really feels like,let alone take a risc in making his dreams come true. Sure some things come with big risks and some don’t work out as planned… but i don’t see the logic in just staying nested when you can fly farther then anyone but you could imagine… Take a risk in your life today and tell someone how you feel… Then maybe your road will open and new oportunities will come to you. If not you at least got something off your heart and after a small bump in the road you get up and go forward seeking out your dreams.

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