You can only use one word to answer each of the questions. No explanations.

Yourself: Fake
Your Spouse: Inexistent
Your Hair: Brown
Your Mother:  Nice
Your Father:  Away
Your Favorite Item: MP4-Player
Your Dream Last Night: Sad
Your Favorite Drink: Beer
Your Dream Car: Mustang
The Room You Are In: Peacefull
Your Ex: Mature
Your Fear: Hopeless
What You Want To Be In Ten Years: Happy
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: Colleagues
What Your Not: Courageous
Muffins: Chocolate
One of Your Wish List Items: Laptop
Time: Night
The Last Thing You Did: Read
What You Are Wearing:  Boxers
Your Favorite Weather: Cool
Your Favorite Book: Perfect
The Last Thing You Ate: Cocoa
Your Life: Wierd
Your Mood: Sad
Your Best Friend:  Music
What Your Thinking About Right Now: Time
Your Car: Fiesta
What You Are Doing At The Moment: Writing
Your Summer: Ending
Your Relationship Status: Single
What Is On Your TV: Nothing
What Is The Weather Like: Warm
When Was The Last Time You Laughed: Now

So these are just a couple of stats about me.I picked up this game from glassowater and i just wanted to post my own results on the blog.There’s a lot on my mind but I’m still not in a writing mood…It’s just the beggining of my miserable periode so I’ll stop here but you’ll be hearing from me soon enough.Cheers.

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You hardly realize how time flies by…You just live your daily life…Your rutine…Your prison…On rare ocasions you stop and think about the flow of life and time…1 day…1 week…1 year…10 years…20…40…and so on…and then you realize what you did with your life…were you selfish and thought mostly about yourself,being so selfcentered that you just let things fly by you?…Or were you generous,or better said did you depend on others lives so much that you forgot to live your own?…We find ourselves living in extremes…We are so offbalance that we can hardly find our inner piece…And that’s what I’m looking for right now…better said…I’m looking for two things…Friendship…and Redemption…

Friendship…it seems such a powerfull thing from the outside…like an unbreakable and indistructable armor…it sheelds you from harm whenever it’s out looking for you…it’s a source of life on it’s own…a friend can bring you up…or he can break you down…This armor has been given to us by someone…but we stained it with our human hands…It is no longer an armor…it’s being used as a weapon…to backstabb people…to make them leave themselves vulnerable…it’s been turned into a slim layer of illusions…So why do we seek it so much?…How can we trust people when we know that we could end up so bad in most cases…This is what I seek…a true friend…someone that is there for me when the world has set up to many hardships for me and i can’t take it anymore…i seek a source of inspiration and life…I seek to have that feeling again…what it means to have a true friend…I don’t know if i found one yet…but now i feel empty and powerless…How can I trust somebody again when i’ve been betrayed and hurt so many times?…Of course I’m not blaming anyone but myself…that is why I seek redemption as well…I have done things that I am not proud of too…I have said,done and thought things that should not have been there…I seek forgiveness for my actions…for I feel that is what i must do and this time it’s regardless of what others may think about it…I wish to apologize for judging a book by it’s cover…I wish to apologize for not being the friend you wanted me to be…I wish to apologize for saying things i didn’t mean to you…I wish to apologize for not always being there for the people I care about and those I do not…I wish to apologize for not being able to help people when they needed it…I wish to apologize for not always being able to lift myself to the standards requierd to make you happy…I wish to apologize for many things…But I also wish to apologize to myself for never being able to take action when needed…for not being able to do what I have to do…this is my greatest problem and I have to overcome it somehow…for my family…for my friends…for God…but most importantly…for myself…I have to stand up…take a risk…and hope for the best…Time may be running out already…and who knows when the clock will stop turning for me…The solution for this problem will not come from running away…I will have to face it and live up to my own expectations…I will have to follow the advice i give to my friends as well…because otherwise how can i expect them to follow when i don’t even listen to it…This is my pledge…I will stand tall…I will succede…I will not be afraid anymore…I will fight and endure whatever may come…For this is the man I want to become…I will go my own way…and hope…yes hope…for the best…because although hope is something very fragile…it is also something good…and without it a man is lost and can never find himself again…

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We Are One…

I think the title says a lot about what you’re going to read in the following post. Perhaps you’re wondering how I can say such a thing, when we live in such a diverse world. You’re probably thinking: people are different, tastes are different, there are so little things we have in common and it’s really hard to say that everyone in the world is one. Well that’s where I dissagree. I took some time these last few days to think some stuff through. For starters I realized that most arguments are pointless because in 90% of the cases they start because of childish behaviour and missunderstandings. Nowadays it’s pretty hard to agree with someone and it’s much easyer to dissagree and start a fight. This is mainly because people are stubborn and selfcentered. I’m not saying you shouldn’t uphold your opinion, but when you’re proven wrong just let it go. Also I’m saying that modesty is one of the most important qualities a person can have. Sure you may be good at writing or painting or any other thing in this world,but don’t praise yourself as if you were that good. A true talent is also modest and is capable of understanding when he’s reached the status of “good” or if he just belives he’s good and even then, when he’s reached that status he has to thrive for the top and never forget to be modest.More on this later cause I’m going off topic. I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff recently…and I’ve realized that somehow all of us are somehow one…We’re all connected in someway or another. It’s like,for a slight amount of time that seemed like and eternity, I’ve entered into another state,it’s live I could see the world with other eyes. Every little thing we do could affect the world in a major way. This may seem like a very egoistic thought but I think that each and every single person of this world is important in his own way, from the president of the US to myself and to the hobo on the street. Also I think we are equaly important on some level although some seem more powerfull. But then again we can’t say that for sure unless we define true strenght. A man who posseses true strenght is someone who can face reality and still seek his own dreams however imposible to reach they may seem,or at least that’s what I belive. I know what I write doesn’t make to much sense and sometimes it’s a piece of crap, but if you have something to say about it then say it cause I’m not gonna change my style. This is me and this is how I’ll write forever.Maybe that’s a little harsh but I don’t intend on changing it anytime soon anyway. I can’t write any longer now…I just don’t feel the inspiration that powerfull. I just wanted to post this since it’s been waiting in the drafts for quite some time.

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