Kikyou & Nakama…

What’s more beautiful than the sound of a peaceful summer day…When the violins start releasing notes into the wonderful clear-blue sky…When the piano gives voice to the birds that fly around carelessly…When a few strokes of the guitar enbed the air with the feeling of time standing still…A perfect summer day…Laying in a grassfield, on top of a hill, under a tree, just admiring the peace and quiet that surrounds you…It’s wierd isn’t it? Music can express silence as well…even though it’s percieved as something loud and noisy…it brings peace to so many people…I need a perfect summer day…I need a perfect song for it…I need a perfect place for it…Just a few more days…I can almost feel it…I’ll feel happy…And my nakama(=friend(s) jp.) will too…Fulfilment isn’t something clearly defined…It’s something that varies from person to person…And it’s like waking up from a deep slumber…Like you’ve been reborn and you’ve been completed…Of course most of the time this feeling doesn’t last long because new goals appear…But a man must never forget it…And he must never want to release it…A true man must want it…and he must be willing to fight for it whether or not it’s easy to gain…For what is closer to perfection than feeling complete, at least for a brief moment in time…And when you really think about it, fulfilment offers you happyness…and that is the goal of all men…to reach happyness and stay there as much as possible…happyness for himself, his family, his friends…and those who say they don’t need it and relinquish it are liars…they lie not only to the world, but to themselves…and this is a pain far to large to bear…these people collapse and they lose their most important side…their human side…And if we’re on the subject, there’s something on my mind that i’ve been wondering about…Why has listening to your heart become such a cliche?…People used to fight for what they desired…They used to fight for their friends, they used to fight for their love, they used to fight for peace, happyness and so many more…But it seems that nowadays this expresion is treated like it’s just another quote from a movie…People lost hope…They lost their dreams and most importantly they lost their passion…Without passion one can acomplish very few things…And without dreams there is no road on which you can walk exept for a strait line into simplicity and dullness…Why give up on everything?…Of course it’s hard and people don’t wanna get their hopes up…but still…it’s worth fighting for…Even if at first you don’t succede…try again…raise your head and just move forward…Belive in true friendship…Belive in hope…Belive in love…Belive in humans no matter what…cause even though they can be backstabbing…When you meet the right ones you’ll see it was all worth it…

I really need my perfect summer day…

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  1. I hope you get your perfect summer day! I believe true friends and true happiness do exist and that there are people in this world who follow their passions. I also believe it’s all about perspective and the way you look at life. It can all be good if you accept that within life there is everything, up, down, in, out, joy and pain. It’s all part of being and experiencing life! Beautiful post BTW!

  2. “When you meet the right ones you’ll see it was all worth it…”
    I like that line…illustrates the last 2 years of my life where I have been surrounded and blessed with amazing friends who have completely suprised me with their love and support.
    Great Post… 🙂

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