Perfection means flawless…it means being without a defect…just pure and perfect balance…it’s something you can’t reach…it’s something that you are…a state of being the absolute thing for someone else…Perfection is that single moment in time when you feel at peace with yourself an the world…kind of like the calm before the storm only that there is no storm comming…just the peace and silence of a carefree existance…You can’t be perfect for yourself…it’s not called perfection then…it’s narcisism…though you can be perfect for someone else…most of the time you’re being perfect for that someone although you have no idea…Don’t you think perfection has something to do with madness? I belive it’s crazy to think that there is something perfect in this world…the ultimate being in existance with no needs, no dreams, no desires, with unending power…it seems so cold…and then again…perfection seems like such a standstill…it’s like reaching a level where one can no longer evolve…well it makes sense because if you’re perfect why would you need to evolve…but then again why wouldn’t a person want to move on? Doesn’t every human want to discover more and more about himself? When you’re complete you lose ambition…you lose motivation…you lose your will…and then perfection becomes nothing more than simplicity…and as this is a neverending cycle…how can something absolute be so depresing although it’s perfect? How come we thrive to reach perfection when what matters is the road to it?…We are indeed a confusing species…However there are moments in which perfection has it’s place…and by those moments i reall mean a specific time and place in time that is no more than a fraction of a second…the perfect time for a kiss…the perfect time for a dream…the perfect time to act…it’s that particular moment in time when you feel you touched heaven and sensed it’s splendor. Then again…what really matters is the perspective of each human in part…to some, the simplest things are perfect…they don’t need to be high quality or in a huge quantity…a smile for some…a song for others…a touch, a kiss and so on…Beauty, spleondor, extasy…it’s all in the eye of the beholder…so just try not to judge something just because you don’t like it…or because you think you’re better than that person or that thing…because in return you could be judged the same…

Another topic I’d like to discust is apreciation. People nowadays have almost none left…sure, there are some that still apreciate things they have…but still…countless people break bonds in this world to easy. How can you say that your 4 years of highschool were a waste of time? That your class didn’t mean a thing to you and that you’re so happy you finaly got rid of them…you’re heartless…no…you’re a narcisistic bastard/bitch that thinks he’s superior to all feelings and puts things before friendship…things that don’t belong there…What about all the times when you played cards with your classmates? What about all the pranks you pulled along with them? What about all the things you’ve learned from them…They changed you and you didn’t even know it…and now that you’ve realized you want to separate yourself from them? Pittyfull…Shamefull…Not that you would care…but you’ll live to regret it…I hope not for your sake…but that time will come…As will a time for all ingrates…it’s true that all of us are ingrates sometimes…but you have to take time to thank the world for what it offered you…even bad things because you learned from them…Take time to thank your family for loving you…Take time to thank your friends for the time spent together…Take time to thank God for your life…Just be gratefull for what you have…(and I know this is a clichee)…some people have far less then you do…

Back to perfection…one last thing I forgot to cover…Her…is SHE perfection? Is she perfect…for me? Is she the one that gives me the feeling of fullfillment when she is next to me? Do I feel like I have nothing left once she is gone? Am I afraid to let her go because she might dissapear? Do I want to be near her? Does she inspire me? Is perfection something so tangable? Is her touch like a fresh breath of mountain air that brings you back to life? I wonder…But my advice to you…Don’t wait around to see and go ask…Don’t think that perfection will stay by your side if you’re not trying to be her perfection…Fight for your happyness…Don’t let it go once you have it…

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