Summer Prelude…

So I finaly decided to write…I’ve neglected this blog but it’s either because time was short or because my inspiration was lacking. It still hasn’t come back though but there are a few issues I’d like to write about. First of all I’m all done with my national SATs and I don’t feel as happy as I should feel…It’s probably because I have another test for college admision comming up and I’ve gotta study real hard now…I hope it will all end well…Then there’s my birthday coming up…5th of July…while America is getting over a hangover, i’m turning 19 and I feel wierd because i’m just stepping into the last of my teens and then i won’t be a teenager no more…and just thinking that i’m gonna have to leave some of my childish personality behind makes me pretty sad…but that’s the way the cookie crumbles…And thus in two weeks time i’ll have all my exams behind me and my summer will officialy begin…Summer was always my favorite time of year…Free time, hot weather, swimming at the seaside, just relaxing…I think I’ve found my summer love and I hope I’m not mistaken…(oh and by the way I have no all inspiring post planed for today, just a fragment out of my life…I’ll get to those posts soon I hope)…I’m hoping to get a lot out of this summer…and I wish to feel alive again…it’s all quite dull…I just wanna breath in the whole world and feel it’s splendor…Well hope is the last thing that dies…

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  1. It’s amazing

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