This is an interlude to a life…it’s a place where there is no sound, no sight, no smell, no senses at all…there’s a perfect silence in a perfect darkness where no one can reach to you. It’s like closing your eyes and covering your ears, just losing yourself in your thoughts…in your soul…in your deepest desires…What a feeling…just forgeting about it all…just saying “I don’t give a fuck”…In this perfect darkness you can see yourself…floating in space with your eyes closed…you think that this part of you is truly peacefull and doesn’t have a care in the world…it must be beautiful to be this person…but little do you know how sad this fraction of you is…It lives in your memories…it keeps a hold of them actually…the good and the bad ones…it has no choice but to keep a record to all these memories…and it feels pain…poor creature…stuck inside a body and unable to do anything to alter your existance…still…sometimes…very rarely…it feels at ease with itself…that time is when you take on it’s shape…meaning when you remember parts of your life…that small piece of you feels completed…like it’s purpose has been served…and its pleasure is felt by you, its host, as well…like a deep breath of mountain air…like being reborn from the ashes of your memories…And if you pay real good atention…when you have these moments, your imagination starts running wild…thus creating the link between past and future, memories and wishes…”What would have happend if you would have told her what you felt then?”, “Did I do everything I wanted last summer…did I live to the fullest?”, “How will leaving change my life?”…your imagination creates images that your heart desires…oh what beauty…you just wish time would stop and you could live in that moment in your mind for ever…but reality is harsh and only permits you a moment of pleasure…but hey…whomever obeyed never got that far huh?so if you ever wish for something just go for it…also never forget your childhood and your dreams as a kid…the amount of inocence and desire that those dreams have makes them true wishes…and no other dream will ever come close to those…”I wanna be a famous singer” “I wanna be a fireman” “I wanna be a magician” and so on…this is your true self…why would you neglect them?Cause they’re unrealistic?Cause they’re hard to achieve?Cause all odds are against you?That means you’re missing the fighting spirit to fight for your dreams…Your heart will always be in pain and you will always have doubts in your soul…”Did i do the right thing?” “Have I made the right choice?”…Life gives you a choice…It always does…You can always give up and die…it’s the same as crossing a road or not…it’s up to you…Everything in this pittyfull life is tied to oneanother…so before the worst thing comes your way just make a decision and live up to your responsability…the only thing that matters is just following your heart…and eventually you’ll finaly get in line…

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  1. You really do have amazing entries. Your writing is always soo good, I’m jealous!

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