I just read a post from a blog I usualy visit…and I felt the need to write to strenghthen her idea. We treasure good times to little, but we always find time to think about bad times. We always remember lost friends, lost lovesl, accidents and so on, when we should be remembering simple and happy things that make our daily life more than just breathing air on planet Earth. These things are treated lightly but they really mean so much more…Things like: taking a walk while listening to music, a sip of cold mountain water, a field trip, a drive through an empty country road listening to songs on the radio with the wind in your hair, your first kiss, running through a warm summer rain, a walk at night on the beach with a special someone, sneaking into your house drunk 3 hours past your curfuew, your highschool yearbook, your highschool sweetheart, visiting your family after a long while and realising how much you’ve missed them, loving your home, the second before lovemaking when everything stops and you know it’s gonna be incredible, waking up with the singing of the birds, taking a deep breath in the morning while on top of a mountain on the balcony of a cabin, drinking a beer with your best friend on a terrese over the Black Sea, cooking an awfull looking meal that tastes quite good, screaming “I Did It!” after passing an exam, meeting someone knew that seems perfect for the moment, bumping into an old friend, seeing the clouds part for the sun rays to come out, seeing a rainbow after rain, stargazing, bringing a smile on a sad friends face, feeling as though you’re in the right place at the right time, finding someone that you’re happy with no matter the relationship between the both of you, remembering childhood dreams, childhood birthday partyes, the feeling on christmas eve, the feeling of giving a gift to someone you cherrish, the feeling of being a protective older brother, recieving a killer hug from someone who cares about you, knowing that someone is always there for you, being praised by someone you respect, and so many more things that you have to keep close to your heart…just never forget that these memories are more important than any other stuff that made you suffer…so take care and be sure to treasure them the most…

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  1. Another blogger, huh?? lol. Just wanted to let you know, any time you leave a link on my site, it’s always and not, may help increase you traffic a little 😉

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