Connecting…Merging…Binding…The actions that this very universe is made of.The big bang theory states something about different gasses coming together and so forming our solar system as we know it.When we look at the smallest micro-organism…at a cellular level…it’s still made from even smaller particles bound together.Everything around us is made by bounds…We also have the tendancy to bind with something/someone.Throughout life you gain friends,family,loved ones and so on.We uncounciously search for such connections even if we sometimes deny it.Sadly we know not how to apreciate our loved ones the way they deserve it…thus these bonds are forgotton or lost…we break appart…and all becomes a memory.Time is a cruel misstress indeed…but so are we… for we have only ourselves to blame when it comes to the distruction of connections.No bond is perfect…all have a weak spot… which the world doesn’t hessitate to attack… in most cases this so called weak spot is of such insignificance that we don’t even mind looking after it… still that’s why it’s called a WEAK SPOT, because it’s unprotected.So many friendships have ended due to a small quarrel…so many loves have faded away due to a small mistake or due to one of the partners not believing the other.One moment you’re making beautiful music toghether and the next you’re miles apart…This fills the world with sadness.Bonds are hard to uphold eh? Just like a flower…they must be watered, you have to take care of them…and if something comes in between then be prepared to fight for your friendship. Sometimes you don’t even realise how far apart you’ve grown from someone until it’s to late…So I’d like to thank a few people that I feel bonded to…and that I don’t want to lose…I’d like to thank Ioana for always knowing what to say when I’m in a difficult spot and when I’m confused…I’d Like to thank Dana for being the kindest sister in the world and the nicest person I know…I’d like to thank Flory for all the nice things she said to me…I’d Like to thank Raisa and Oana for always being able to make a frown into a smile… I’d Like to thank Ada for being a person anyone can trust…I’d like to thank Adelina for being so straightforward these 4 years since I’ve known her…I’d like to thank Virgil for all he’s taught me…I’d like to thank Liviu as well as Bogdi for being such good friends for the past 12 years…I’d like to thank Roxy for always being nice to me…I’d like to thank Patri for being herself and for teaching me what it means to be a strong person…I’d like to thank Flavia for being someone I can always count on…I’d like to thank Adela for always looking at life with a smile and teaching me how important that is…I’d like to thank Manu for always making me laugh…I’d like to thank Claudiu for being someone I could always talk to about all sorts of things others wouldn’t find interesting…I’d like to thank Misi for being the best friend a guy can have and someone who can always get your mind away from the troubles in your life…I’d like to thank Diana Mistreanu for all her conforting words when both of us had similar troubles…I’d like to thank Lilah for teaching me a lesson and making me realise who I really am…I’d like to thank Emy for being a friend when I needed one most…I’d like to thank Schnitzy for reminded me what it means to be a dreamer…I’d like to thank Dex for his critics…I’d like to thank Alex for being a great friend all these years…I’d like to thank my fantastic four Daia Deeiu Cria and Dia for giving me some of the most wonderful moments of my life…I’d like to thank Lica, Gery and Alex for being a pack of guys you can always have fun with…I’d like to thank Lavi for being the most inocent sister in the world and trusting me whenever she had problems…I’d like to thank Ureche for teaching me not to agitate myself for every little thing…I’d like to thank Deea for being the greatest sister and friend anyone can wish for I’d like to thank Nadia for creating 8thanimeinstinct and bringing together a great group of people…I’d like to thank Saba for helping me get rid of some of my fears…I’d like to thank Crissu for the time of my life… I’d like to thank Nova and Raul for some Carslberg green in a gray city of Ploiesti… I’d like to thank Raul from Craiova for his crazy ideas… I’d like to thank Alexa for inspiring me into writing a blog…I’d like to thank Ade Akyko for bringing a spot of color into my life and for showing me why I like fighting for someone that much…I’d also like to thank each and every one of you readers or fellow bloggers…and all you people in my life that have surely helped me one way or the other…Thank you for my life and thank you for teaching me so many things…Please don’t forget how important it is to care about your friends and never let your bonds break…Take Care…

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  1. Thank YOU Alex for letting me to be close to you and for all the special moments spent together >:D<

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