Nu obisnuiesc sa scriu ce mi s-a intamplat in vreo zi sau cat de interesant e…dar asta merita scris…La ora de engleza (unde avem un profesor din indepartata America) am primit un asignment sa scriem o poveste intr-un mod inedit…si anume intr-o grupa de patru scrie unul o propozitie si paseaza foaia mai departe unde urmatorul trebuie sa scrie alta propozitie…si tot asa…uita-ti rezultatul mintilor genialilor scriitori Claudiu Patricia Alex si Andrada: Jamie got to Amsterdam at about six o’clock and he was very happy to be there . Sam was waiting for her since the day they got separated 4 months ago . They started having make-up sex and apologised for killing each-others kitten .  Until 12 o’clock they talked about their lives and then they decided to take a room at a hotel to spend the weekend toghether . When they entered the room a midget hopped out from under the bed and screeched . Sam pulled out his shotgun and killed him. Jamie didn’t know how to react at first but then they decided to break up because he wasn’t pleasing her anymore(the bitch).But before they were able to break up the midget turned into a zombie and ate Jamie’s brain(good riddance).Sam tried to get out of the room but the door was locked. He turned around and kicked the zombie midget in the face but that didn’t affect it. This made him more powerful. And then out of nowhere Jesus and the Devil appeared fighting for world domination but to noone’s surprise the winner was clearly the zombie midget(hooray for little people). Now the world is being rulled by Midgetman and everybody is happy and gay(not gay as in happy…gay as in really gay)…including Brad Pitt(and Tom Cruise…Oh and Bruce Willis didn’t get to save the world so there kiss my ass Brucy). I hope you liked our masterpiece…(parantezele nu sunt incluse in poveste sunt doar comentarii sarcastice de moa) . Well have a nice day…you bastards:D…oh and fuck valentine’s day:D.(nu pot sa cred ca am pus smileys). Completare: si celelalte grupe au scris cate o povestioara mai mult sau mai putin interesanta. Pe cand prima grupa a fost pe cat se poate de originala acestia ucigand-ul pe dragul nostru Santa Clause a doua grupa si-a demonstrat originalitatea prin plagierea serialului Prison Break in totalitate. Sunt curios daca le-ar placea sa vina T-Bag si sa ii castreze pentru drepturile de autor? Cine stie…poate ca isi descopera o parte sado-maso nestiuta de ei pana acum…sau poate ii va omora doar si noi vom rade in hohote impreuna cu dead Santa si Midgetman(all hail Midgetman HEIL SIEG!!!)

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